This is Guka - How Airtel Has Ripped Me Off. Do I Sue or What? What Does CAK Say About This?

I think CAK is sleeping on this one. WHAT IS THE USE OF SUBSCRIPTION if they just roll over to your credit once subscribed data is finished? That’s why I am calling it theft!

You can also use this…


Rant, whine, heave, ho. Airtel’s trickery has been common knowledge since the beginning of smartphones. It’s business model is to profit from dozing fools.


I kept on checking my credit balance in order to know whether they had deducted Sh199 but to my utter surprise, I found out that I had a balance of Sh186 which reduced to Sh169 after an hour even though I made no calls or used the Internet.
On June 24, on checking my credit balance, I found out that I only had Sh16 left. I got in touch with customer care and was told they would look into the matter and contact me.
After about 15 minutes, I received an SMS saying “after confirming from our system, we did not detect any billing anomaly”.
By end of the day, my credit amount was Sh0 — although I did not use any service.
The following day I loaded Sh20 and without using my phone to make any calls or surf the Internet, the airtime balance was Sh14 by 2pm.
Stung by what was happening, I went to the Airtel office, Malindi, to complain from where the staff attending to my query rang the Nairobi office.
The response was the same old story, “we will look into the matter and contact you,” which they never do.
To my surprise, the employee who attended to me told the Nairobi office that I was not the first customer to complain about this problem; she had received similar complaints and she was also a victim.

Nobody is refunding Ksh. 3000, and the CAK has no interest in spoiling a game they benefit from. If you sue, the lawyer will need 6k for the first letter. :smiley:

You are also to blame. When you know you have data worth 500 shillings only you dont go browsing like a boss. You must keep on checking. And airtel notifies us as earlier indicated in the comments


I honestly did not get any notifications. Let’s hear from others.

Ata saf na telkom lazima ukomeshe io upuss kwa data manager…otherwise bundles zikiisha wanarukia credo kama nyani kwa maMiti


@FieldMarshal CouchP there it is

OK, let me talk to them and see why I don’t get the notifications. May be there’s something I have to activate.

I bought a airtel line, loaded credit, subscribed to data and got to browsing. Kidogo data imeisha na credit imeisha. I called to complain and they have me some bullshit story. That was the last time I used Airtel.

Some people click away such warnings because they’re having way too much fun studying their fellow baboons. :smiley:

Awa notifications = messages.

Usiende kutafuta as if una invent Archimedes principle. :smiley:

Ancient relics and tech savviness are like parallel lines, they’ll never meet.

Just talked to Airtel Customer Care. Usual shit. Eti there are some SIMS that don’t pick up the notifications automatically and have to be reactivated again on their end.

As for the data manager, they say they are working on it to come in line with Safcon…meanwhile I guess they continue with their thievery…

This stupid prank is costing them tonnes of customers. They may be cheaper overall than Safcon, but when they pull these pranks people get mad…

It can happen at times. Or you even get the notifications way too late. What i do when on data i make sure my airtime is nil just to be safe

Thanks for being real. One of the very few people on this site I take seriously. As I have confirmed, Airtel itself has said the warnings sometimes don’t happen and they are working on the data manager. Anybody can call and confirm.

Wacha kuambia huyo mzee ukweli.

He he he… Guka angalia ka huyu ni jirani yako mwenye mnapigania boundary ya shamba geshagi