This is Guka - Ati Atia? Wharristhis?

I thought ‘tribalism’ and ‘marginalising’ others was the Gikuyu’s forte?

Now come news that 325 out of 916 workers at Auditor-General Edward Ouko’s department are - drum rolls please - dim-eyed Orangutans like himself. That is 35.5% of the total workforce!

Before Ouko was appointed to the office, the Jaruos accounted for a fair 14% of the work-force there.

So how does the Nation report this nugget?

[SIZE=6]Two tribes dominate jobs in Auditor-General’s office: report[/SIZE]

You can bet your last penny if Ouko was a shiny-eyed mdomo kauka the headline would have let it rip.

You see, just like in the case of that old nationalist, statesman, liberator-extraordinaire, and yes, Loser of All Time, Babuon, baboons of colour have to be treated with kid gloves…

Are you surprised? Didn’t you watch afcon just dholuos everywhere and a few ‘others’ to blind the eye.

am cool with this. but i agree lets do an analysis on all parastatals and kiuks will account for over 50 percent then lets reverse it.

Whataboutery nonsense. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE A-G’s office. If you have statistics for any other parastatal, weka hapa…

wacha kuwa mjinga…who complains when only kalenjins go for athletics and luhyas go for rugby…kwa sports ni talent ya mtu…but kwa govt office ndo equality inahitajika.

big diiference bro.jaluo kwa mpira sio tusibishane

I personally don’t think its a big deal that football is dominated by jaruos and Luhyas. Kama wewe ni shiny-eye tembea pale Kasarani uonyeshe talents yako. There is a reason why Gor dominates the local league.

waambie guka…

I have worked in that office as a consultant for a number of months([SIZE=1]I waived my anonymity here long ago anyway[/SIZE][SIZE=4])[/SIZE]…trust me, the games in that office are high stake…I always felt sorry for ouko…the best CEO I have ever worked under…yaani jamaa alikua anaenda conference akirudi he finds his own nieces/nephews have been sneaked in during recruitment…all the games were aimed at succession…and I think they have succeeded…his greatest weakness is that he delegates a lot…which has on a number of occasions come back to bite him.

I’ve also watched steeplechase, kales everywhere and no others to blind the eye. You’re a bloody moron!

which kikuyu would spend the whole day chasing after a pumped up leather toy and go home hungry???maisha ni mbeca!!

They don’t want to hear this! It kent be true! How? Aki ya Mungu! Educated people like jaruos kent be tribal…they just happen to be populous and highly qualified so when they apply one kent fail but hire them! The rest of the tribes are still struggling with distinguishing a hole in the earth and their butthole.
Hamna watu tribal kama ndugu za @Makonika …my younger sibling wanted to apply for a job in an international NGO…akambiwa shida haitakuwa qualification…shida ni kabila.
Right now RAT wanapapasana na Uhuru lakini jaruo ya kibera na Westlands haigwes karibia kikuyu…sadness of life

thats talent and they get rewarded.kule kwingine kwa jaruo anyone can kick a football.

anyone else noticed how the office of auditor general became silent after the handshake?we no longer hear of scary dossiers on looting

wacha mzaha nanii…

Tumeskumwa nje ya afcon kwa nini if we have exploited all the talents?? When it come to team selection its all about kujuana.

You should realize that athletics and soccer are two different things. Its one thing to run alone and be spotted easily than playing soccer in a remote area in nyahururu and get anyone to see cause there are no agents if any

I will never be caught dead hating on any tribe, tables turn. In a perfect world this should not be the case but hey this is Kenya!

what is the official police accent?
kiuks are infact the least likely to call up all their dumb cousins/nieces/nephews to come get a piece of the action. kila mtu apambane na hali yake.
sasa analyse NMG and SG.

the heir umepotea sana