This is Guka - Ati Atia? Wharristhis?

A moron reported the group and iPhone blocked my access huko. Naingia na PC, niko tu.

Analyse everything including county jobs, university and national school locality vs student population Vs faculty. You will find that the greatest whiners are the greatest culprits. I guess their attitude is yours should be shared but mine is mine alone

Ara! After the handshake hakuna kuhesabu vichwa. :smiley:

Ndio hio mmepatiwa jibu hapo halafu thread ifungwe, but you’ve all decided to ignore.

Kumanina na alikwambia ni wakale pekee hukimbia,hujawai sikia Nyaruai,Wambui,Wanjiru pia wakamba.
Football hadi officials ni Orangutans

wagiriama tukae wapi?

I thought mt Kenya football team is being relegated? sport talents is very much different, from kitambo football in Kenya has been dominated by gor and afc ,just the other day a team from North eastern was formed, so technically when a national team is formed it will have afc and gor players of which majority will be from gor since it has been the dominant team in recent years, like in Spain where in a certain year the team was more than 60% Barcelona players.

Relegation is due to management, maybe there is cultural aspect but we will never get results if we never exploit all the talents we have.

Who has been to count certain percentage of tribe in Gava Institution or parastatal?

That’s why we lost, national team should have a national outlook