This is for married men only discussion

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Is marriage worth it? what have you gained since you married?

Not worth it take it to the bank, mabibi hunyamba nyamba Kama tractor ya John Deere , secondly mitoto kupiga mayowe Kama ghaseeer na dunia imeanza kujazana kina @kanguthu the old tired homosexual

MGTOW = Freedom

People have very different experiences in marriage. You gain in some areas, you loose in some. It also depends on your spouse. Some people have very good wives who help them to develop while others have daughters of jezebel, who pull them down.

@Bingwa Scrotum and his 4 noisy stinky wives would fight you off just for having such an opinion.

On this forum that men are daily glorifying lanyes i doubt if marriage discussion will be of great interest.

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii swears by MGTOW.

@Yuletapeli is adamant about marriage.

Both could be happy with their choices.

I personally believe that such questions have “it depends” answers.

If you marry a supportive woman who doesn’t stress you, you win. If you marry a promiscuous raging bitch, you become a philosopher.

Frankly, I find such discussions meaningless because some women add value to your life and others add stress and misery. It really depends on the woman on a case by case basis.

A lot. I repeat a lot. Peace of mind. I’m more organized, focused and make more money.


:D:D:D Mwaga ndani nini kunirushia mawe pande yangu

Ata upate jibu gani, there is no escaping the eternal struggle of the human condition. Life is hard, then you die

Alafu pia, if its not worth it why has he posted a thread about it? :D:D

Anataka tu opinion to justify his life choices na sisi hatuna shida na whatever he decides to do with his life.

Marriage is mostly about “putting up” with one another. You gain some, loose some. Family, with kids esp, takes a toll on a man, financially. You can work harder and create multiple revenue streams…at least most men work harder for the sake of feeding and providing for their kids.

But i would advice, more than looks or anything, that you marry a smarter wife. Women hit the wall, theoretically speaking from experience (from 55kg sahii ako 85kg after kids) but since shes’s book-smart and all that, we keep having intellectually stimulating discussions. Si bibi anakuuliza kama wewe ni mwanaume nipige kofi Jonte!! Nipigee! Niuee!!!:smiley: Children also take inteligence from the mom. Marry a wife who is smart prisss. I don’t know how to empahsize on this. Mimi wangu got straight As in highschool and did well in campo. I can see her efforts in bringing up the kids.

Marry a woman who works, very important. Wives were meant to compliment your efforts in every front.

Find a woman who agrees to the headship arrangement. You are the head of the family. Provide. Protect. Nurture. Period. Let her challenge your ideas, but respectfully. At the end of the day your word is the gospel. Ikiback fire let her tell you she told you so! Hamuwezi vaa trousers watu wawili. Love her to bits, and let her respect you kabisaa.

Sex in a marital arrangement is very fulfilling. I have never cheated, sioni haja.

many more reasons. I would stay married than desire to stay single any day.

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii pitia hapa, soma, like and comment kabla useme ni nonsenz

Mainly with the spouse you choose

There are those who will tolerate you be with you in bad times,lift you ,advise , motivate you,help you grow basically

Then there are those who will drag you down with them. Knowingly and unknowingly

I believe I married the 1st
Out of her hardwork comes support
Alot of motivation
I have a family n we have some investment
Oh and she is a lady in the street but a freak in bed


Depends with the spouse…for me…if i could be saved…id run the hell out of it…but its too late…

:D:D Angusha hekaya

ati never cheated…wooii…