Things Change Eti Ni Nation Na Standard Wanabebelezea Watu ePaper

Things are changing fast. Very soon hizo skyscrapers za tao zitakuwa Nyumba za kufuga Kuku. Covid19 has changed the landscape and there’s no demand for the traditional Office setup. People are working from home.

Banks, post offices, magazeti will close shop one after the other. Banking agents will replace main banks, bloggers will replace reporters, online malls will replace Sarit Center types of malls, the list is endless

Ngaseti ya online ni 20 bob

Today you can open a bank account using your 2G feature phone ukichunga mbuzi. Every option is available using USSD.

And lots of collateral damage…

I think its a deal. A 200 bob beer can buy you gazeti for 10 days. Also 75% of kenyans live in rural areas and can not access printed daily newspapers. If 1m kenyans can buy the epaper daily then that is 20m per day in sales without the newspaper distribution headache. It also serves millions of Kenyans in the diaspora.

It also means that youths in the deepest rural areas can now access information on job adverts and tenders that normally appear in newspapers.

No internet in rural areas

Nothing to do with Covid, anyone who has worked in the journalism field will tell you that print media is dying. People don’t read newspapers anymore and its not just the hard copies. Social media breaks news much faster and the internet in general allows you to choose what information you want to access. Same problem pay TV is facing. Why subscribe for 100+ channels when you only watch 5 at best? Makes more sense to invest in bundles and streaming services that let you choose specific content. Na vile Kenyan media is so mediocre and lazy no wonder they’re struggling to keep their heads above the water. They keep firing people to keep the costs down but it’s clearly not working.

There is.
ION, I saw a mzungu on YouTube and he used SGR and he was amazed that he could get 4g all the way from Mombasa to Nairobi, even when he was watching elephants hapo tsavo. He said that was impossible in england since many rural areas huko don’t have 3g.

Standard ni maumbwa sana siku hizi link yao ukifinya inakurusha kwa payment platform direct.

we wont register as long as we have choices, takataka hao

Mkubwa hata mimi ilianza kuniletea hiyo umeffi. Nilisema siezi register kabisa. Maumbwa hao.

Ni Nation actually

They dont need rural areas to buy digital…it is extra cost ya bure. Remember with digital wametoa cost of printing, cost of transport and cost of staff wa printing na transport. They are ok with people with internet access buying.

Nilianza hivi nikajipata nimebuy weeki moja. Si mbaya. Bei ni poa.

Nation ilileta hiyo umeffi nikatoka huko mbio

Why would someone want to buy a newspaper in 2021?

The upcoming generation doesn’t have a reading culture,even those epaper.Kitambo kununua gazeti ulikiwa swag ya wasee wameomoka.

Yeah nowadays I fijd it very hard to read anything.

You think I’m mad to confuse Nation with standard?

Challenge ni the few who buy will create snapshots of important points or threads and there will be no need to buy the whole cow

20 bob is like buying a mandazi. Why wait for someone to forward you snapshots?