Things Change Eti Ni Nation Na Standard Wanabebelezea Watu ePaper

To get info on govt tenders, NGO jobs, cars and houses on auction etc etc

It’s not waiting,you go to any social media and you can tell what happened,you only follow up to learn facts from hot air

Kuna websites that are more detailed than gazeti and free.

Why buy the whole cow when you can easily access the milk?

Change is always painful

Its true print media is dying. Last year tuliweza kupata several of that day’s daily nation newspapers at night. In the past after 10am haungeweza kupata daily nation and sometimes by 9am ungepata all saturday nation has been bought.

Oyunga Pala made Saturday Nation a must buy but sasa naona ManTalk columnist ni some beta shiny eye .Overall quality ime enda chini and the rise of social media is not helping too .
Newspapers have been overtaken by events .Ujinga moja ni say if some important news broke out today morning ,you’d have to wait until the following day to read it .Upus