These our politicians


some things are all wrong.

Cringed the whole time. Emotions are high! Tooooooo High. Mama mtu anaingilia wapi surely?

Unfortunately when Babu abused Uhuru some people started a hashtag #Babuwoes, now they uave started #ArrestSonko and the roles are reversed. Thats how we shall not get out of this quagmire. It is ok for my politician to abuse your politician but the reverse is not OK. Hata Sigmund Freud had not discovered our psychological malaise

I think the penalty for such utterances should be standardized. Fines should be set at a standard 20m, and a three strike rule introduced. Ukitusi mara tatu, Kiti inaenda. Ukitaja mama, kiti inaenda mara ya Kwanza!

I’m already regretting voting for Sonko. He has a lose mouth and a pea-sized brain

Have you just realized?

Ugui, uvici, usaitan, ufuthi, unugu:mad:.

Jubilee archilies heel is this fool and Moses Kuria. NASA has many I can’t list. All in all we need to get rid of the nonsense talk. So much hate.

Retired president Moi is a lifelong teetotaler, sasa there were times politicians walikuwa wanongea matope kwa mkutano, yet they were usually very reasonable in other fora, mpaka Mzee Moi akauliza watu wake ni nini kinachoendelea.
Aliambiwa kuna wanasiasa wanambeba pombe ile kali kwa mfuko ya korti, wanakunywa wakiingia kwa mkutano. Ndio maana ya kuropokwa.

There was one politician ilibidi mpaka anyanganywe mic mkutano wa Moi, sikumbuki vizuri, lakini nadhani ni Ndicu, former MP Juja, lakini sasa ameshaokoka.

Si mtu alivaa suti na kujidai amebadilisha tabia ili awe governor mzuri? Then it’s true old habits die hard! I think it’s at that exact moment Raila would have resigned from the presidency, if he really meant what he said about this crook!


He had us thinking that he was a transformed person little did we know that he was flattering to deceive.

This one is a poorly written script. Jubilee is really desperate and will not succeed in making people go to the streets.

This is so wrong he should apologize .

He does not have to. We have mouths too, we shall jut abuse him back. He is all those things he said.

Haha sometimes ata nyinyi hamueleweki! Now babu wanted to be a bad boy by throwing insults in public…when the other team shows him they can do it better…mumeanza ujinga. You through me a punch, i through an even harder punch!

I love sonko because if you are reasonable with him…he will be reasonable with you. Ukileta ufala anadeal nawewe in your own mud!

On that i support sonko 100%

*throw…wewe na Sonko are cut from the same cloth I see.

Who is we?? :mad: Grow the fuck up you don’t ruffle an already volatile situation. What sonko did cannot be justified.

Crtl c + Ctlr v from the star

Babu spoke on Thursday shortly after he was released on bond following the charge of causing grievous harm to a voter on August 8.

He was dramatically re-arrested on Wednesday immediately after being released on bail on two other charges of subversion and incitement.

“Bwana Uhuru Kenyatta, kama umeshindwa na siasa na rika yako, kuja Embakasi East nikunyoroshe asubuhi na mapema.”

(Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, if you are unable to politick with your agemates, come to Embakasi East so that I can defeat you early in the morning)

The controversial first time MP also fired his salvo at Nairobi governor Mike Sonko who on Wednesday gave him a dress down and warned him against insulting the President.

Sonko referred to the youthful MP as gay saying he would arrange for people to sodomise him.

"Nataka niambie Sonko, uliniita shoga, mimi nina watoto wawili, nataka kuongeza watatu wawe watano. Kama uliniita shoga inaamisha ya kwamba unanitamani.

“Na kama unanitamani, mimi pia naona una figure 8, nitakuja niingize kitu ndani,” Babu said.