These our politicians

You gimme shit I give you shit.



dont tell me for all this time u expected him to change, u just wanted kidero out, but meffi ni meffi hakuna upgrade ya brain sonko atapata hata akiwa tutored with the best lectures, his just acha tu…

i dont think we need to reason like that, he needs to apologise to Narobi residence, he is a fathe,husband and political leader, no need for hitting back at such stupidity

:D:D:D:D I agree.

dude just chill, you have no basis to judge him just yet! mpatie miaka nne and then you are free to judge him!

When PK asked whom they would trust with their billions they chose a thug. Lord have mercy…

They say you get leaders you deserve. What did we do to really deserve these particular ones as Kenyans?

Now between you and him who has a pea sized brain if he had you thinking he was transformed?

Ask your mother.

Msito wacha hizo…lets keep it civil. It is sad guys I deem learned stooping this low.

Sasa class 2 drop out wata fanya aje ?? Politicians throwing unprintables, pia sisi tufanye hayo hayo ?? We can do better guys.

Sonko Tano tena.

It’s only fair to respond to someone in a way that resonates with their reasoning capacity. When Jesus went and found people trading in the temple, did he kneel down and start praying? No he unleashed some violence and this quickly resolved the problem at hand.

That happens when you elect street cons to leadership positions. And to think they have families. :(:(:frowning:

I watched that video where he was addressing a crowd in Kibera, that Babu guy ana matusi mbaya sana. Hata malaya na makanga hawatusi watu hivyo.


o_O:D:Dand the peasants cheering on there

You self righteous fools need to take several seats. Is this Sonko’s first outburst? Knowing Babu Owino from his days in UoN, were you really surprised that he said those things? We voted for them knowing full well the kind of garbage they’ve spewed before, so pretending to be surprised now is just pure hypocrisy. In fact it would have been odd for me if Sonko and/or Kuria hadn’t replied like this to Babu’s insult.
This is what happens when people trash the rules of engagement. When Babu refers to Uhuru’s mother as a dog and, because you hate Uhuru, you come up with various excuses (oh, he didn’t mention anyone by name…oh, being called a puppy is not an insult, bla bla bla), can you really pretend to be surprised when someone from the other side tries to escalate things? Even the people who’re pretending to be civil here smiled and maybe fistpumped (like Tiger Woods after winning the Masters) after watching that video. It’s open season ya’ll.

copy pasted but kenya is showing signs of WAR… HERE ARE THE SIGNS
[li]A general division between society and government. The government wants to go one way, most of society goes a different direction. This has happened dozens of times, and seems to be the top sign, though there are plenty of times that this didn’t happen.[/li][li]A general division within the governing power regarding favor toward an outside power. Again, this doesn’t happen every time, but seems to be a general tendency. When there are those in power who favor foreign assistance over domestic self-sufficiency, it opens the door to things like invasion. But there are times when we should accept foreign assistance, especially if our self-sufficiency isn’t happening. But in general, if we can do something ourselves, we should.[/li][li]A general division within the population. Greater polarization and extremism generally precedes war. We have a bunch of ultra-conservatives and ultra-liberals in the US, for example, who only add hatred of some political party or another to the mix in order to retain control. They also add the “if you’re not for us, you’re against us” as a mentality over time, and this furthers the division between groups until they’re frothing at the mouth and killing one another. This has happened in history both with and without a war following. But in the case of civil war, this is one of the most predominant signs that it’s getting closer.[/li][li]Jingoism. When people are both aggressively nationalist and warlike, this is what we call jingoism. This sets the foundation for governmental policy to become increasingly hostile against foreign powers, and increases the tendency to go to war. It can also lead up to civil incidents that can lay the foundation for a civil war.[/li][li]Propaganda. A lot of the news media in the free world are privately owned, but are predisposed to “yellow journalism” (e.g., sensationalizing or exaggerating the drama in a news story so that it sells more). When official news sources do this, we call it propaganda. When the news reports only the government’s official stories, this is a situation in which control of information has begun, and in general this is common in countries where an invasion is possible.[/li][li]Sound of silence. If a government suddenly stops talking to the people, it’s a really good sign that there is something happening behind the scenes that is taking up everyone’s time. This doesn’t include press agents, whose job is to talk to the public. It does mean that the political process suddenly opaques, and that top-level politicians are suddenly unavailable for comment, usually for several weeks or months. And if the flow of information stops completely, it’s a stronger sign that something is amiss. Consider this as the opposite extreme to propaganda.[/li][/ol]