The White Bonobo takes credit for all that's good and then convince you that you're defective.

The nature of knowledge for most of history is that it’s migratory. There’s no group with a monopoly on human knowledge. Different civilizations invented items and processes and then passed them on through trade or conquest. Some other things were invented more than once.

Mzungu works very hard to convince you that they invented everything and nobody else does anything.

Unfortunately we have a large group of Kenyatalkers who have been had by this fraud and camp here daily singing praises to the white man oblivious to this fact.



Si you create your own counter propaganda, simple!

Lakini 60 years after independence bado mnaita Lake Kisumu, Lake Victoria after the Colonialist queen mko na shida.

A njaruo like you @Mjuaji considers speaking Kiswahili or Dholuo to be shameful… meanwhile in Korea everything is in Korean! They are proud of their language and culture. They have their own music, their own type of hip hop, their own sports etc.

Wewe hapo umefungua tabs sita za English Premier League na La liga.

There is a website that has hundreds of Kavirondo photos from the late 1800s to the 1960s.

Around 1912 all of the Kavirondos featured have removed their traditional costumes and are proudly dressed in white shirts and khaki shorts. Their hair is neatly shaved. They are now white like massa.

They collaborated so quickly that even massa was surprised. By 1920 Maseno High School already had alumni e.g :

Jaramogi Ajuma Oginga Odinga[1]

Kwani uliraruliwa tako moja la @T.Vercetti mpaka ukapumzisha mpaka handle?

That’s coz ug and tz would never agree that it be named lake kisumu. When less than 5% of the lake is in Kenya. It would make more sense to name it a Tanzanian or Ugandan name since they control the biggest chunk

Ungeeka rink na uache kelele

Njaruo nipe amani. I am sure your full names are something like Cuthbert Adonija King Henry the fourth Omolo.

Yaani complete sellouts!!!

This year najua mmezaa Joe Biden wengi sana na Kamala Harris. Cynthia Kamala Harris Aluoch.

Josephson Robinette Biden Oketch Otoyo PhD, EGH , fisaman. Fisaries Chairman Seme Location.

From what I gathered alitusi @Swansea na hiyo handle yake ikarushwa Siberia permanently.

Si you just rename it and leave the Tanzanians to call it whatever they wish.

As far as Kenya is concerned it should be known as Nam Lolwe end of story.

Na vile huwa mnajifanya ati mmeniwekea ignore sijui admin block the guy… kumbe mnafuata affairs zangu closely?

Nimeona hata jimit akijaribu to get my attention.

I’ve never blocked you. I usually read your insults when they are short. When it’s miles of paragraphs I just ignore them. And when you say something funny or informative I like the comment. Your only problem is the constant ad hominem attacks. Other than that you are a reasonably intelligent person.

You do know it takes takes only one minute to find you somewhere in 2020 where you had written, “My dear finest wine I also blocked him in 2019. I’ve reported to these administrators … you know he hurt my emotions very badly … I think he owns the site… his friend purple usually … so you are saying he destroyed RC…”

Go ahead.

Who is @Swansea in this group?

Deep state

I usually don’t respond to your psychotic rants but let me clarify a few things so that you can aim your insults a little better.

  1. I am not Luo.

  2. I speak better Kiswahili than you and use it more regularly on the site than just about anybody else.

  3. Wewe ni mwendawazimu.

You liberals are always so triggered. Always so defensive and emotional. Always ready to cancel the other talker. Always ready to throw stones or write letters to the adnim. :rolleyes:

It’s sad. Wokeism. Kama sasa ukaulizwa nini imekukasirisha utajibu ni nini?

Kama wewe sio mjaluo si utulie. Ama thread zako hupendi certain people waki comment?

Before we go to renaming lake Victoria, negros need to get rid of non-African first names


Only fools refuse to change. Days of wearing traditional garb have been gone for at least 120 years. You speak what you speak. In the office of one chooses to speak onky English, so be it. That doesn’t make one not proud of his culture. I can be proud of the local food but I don’t like the language. Or I like the wedding ceremonies but that the names. A culture is many things.