The "oppressed" blacks are throwing cans of soup at the police!

[SIZE=5]They are so poor that all they can afford to throw at the police is food.:rolleyes:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]A can of soup of the brand he is holding can cost as much $15 per can. A pack of 12 cans =$180 = kshs. 18,000 !![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]These bleks are really suffering. And many times these subsidized food in the inner city shelves is paid for by wellwishers, churches, personal donations and of course the same serikali that they are fighting.[/SIZE]


Hehehe what a cheeky cunt. Hao ni wale blacks who grew up in the suburbs, sounds like a white boi

Police deserve worse. Flying toilets would be much better

Naona uko na macho mzuri. :smiley:

Yes of course even his english is not ghetto. He is clearly college educated, probably from an ivy league grad school. The coat he is wearing is not cheap either and from his voice tone he is probably ga.y.

Yesterday they pelted fake CNN journos with eggs. Yaani food sio issue. Of all the things you can hit a person with surely food is the last thing on one’s mind. Yaani unanunua mayai na canned soup ndio uchape mtu nayo…

Si afadhali wangepatia uwesmake akule hio soup leo jioni.




Ngoja mskie @Simiyu22 akiniambia , " But that soup is the cheap brand I doubt it costs more than $2." :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Simiyu ingia hata Amazon and look at the price of soup cans. There are cans that even run for $40 a can! So mbwa wewe. Nimekutusi in advance because I know your thinking style.

Bad news especially from a Twitter handler called Ng’o. The white wanna be Asian.

Those are looted cans of food.

This is what PIGs deserve.


Not harmless cans of soup.

@uwesmake ni driver huwa anaiba doggy treats toka jikoni ya mdosi watoi watafune

:D:D anawadanganya ni biscuit ya wazungu.

Mteso, hio clip na ya CNN!

Why did you pick $15 dollar soup cans. That thing fits in his hand and so it’s a smaller sized (10oz) can which costs $1.29 at Target. Chances are soup from the family are from a convenience or corner store.


That’s an ordinary 527 grammes soup can you bonobo. Kwani are you blind. Hebu wekelea hio ya $1.29 nione.

First explain why you picked that size of can. And know that 90% chances are that dude is half white, that’s why he may seem not ghetto.

So unajaribu kusema full bloodied #nywelengumu hawezi kuwa civilised? Lazima akuwe ghetto?


I don’t know what civilized is in your world. In some places, civilized can mean one thing or another.

atleast they threw food the only thing you did is post this shity thread.