The Myth of American Millitary Superiority

It is mind boggling how Taliban have absolutely routed the meanest military machinery in the history of humanity.

The American empire spent 20 years and over a trillion dollars trying to beat the Taliban but they failed.

Maybe America superiority is just a myth.[ATTACH=full]376786[/ATTACH]

Meanwhile china the new superpower has pledged millitary and economic support to the Taliban government[ATTACH=full]376787[/ATTACH]

America had no intentions of defeating the Taliban.

Sssshhhhh. @Sambamba and the likes will come for your throat


They lost in Vietnam, Korea, Somalia what makes you think that they can defeat the Taliban.

The difference is fighting for a salary Vs fighting for a cause.

Never been a fan of the us government I despise their hypocrisy but facts are facts. No country on this planet comes close military wise to America. Hell their entire budget is wasted on advancing their military might each year completely ignoring basic things like universal health care for their citizens.

Maybe one day China will take over but for now wao ndo kusema.

hao ni waswahili wa pemba wanajuana kwa vilemba. watu wako kwa biashara zao wewe wafikiri ni mashindano.

They defeated them of course but holding the country was becoming expensive. it took just a month and partial involvement for them to rout taliban. local politics could not allow them to set up a stable government. Its just like the british in kenya; they quashed all rebellion but local politics including animosity towards settler colonists made the territory ungovernable and unprofitable so they just left. secondly, its a muslim country and they like living in squalor and depravity under sharia. taliban probably has more local support from the religion drenched populace than any other political faction.

I’m glad Putin has soldiers on the ground in CAR. Africa must align with Iran, Russia and China…

That’s like switching seats in the titanic. africa must unite and consolidate it’s Dollar and bargaining power otherwise tutaendelea kutumiwa tu

China has been at the helm before for over 4000 years the Persians too…never colonized us…wametuletea sgr wait till they open up their market for our products.

Titanic or not sgr is the best thing to happen in the next 100yrs…the benefits are beyond our imagination. Learning mandarin

Ok good point. China is imperialist, but atleast their front is economic not blowing things to smithereens like uncle sam, Either way africa is getting shafted.

America is still the sole superpower until it will soon be overtaken by chinku

It has passed already… Imagine Chinese diplomats told their US counterparts that they could not talk to China from a position of strength just the other day. Iran attacked a US base in Iraq after the death of Qasem and Al muhandis and they continue to do so.

The vast majority of Africans, including leaders have totally no idea of just how much for thought and planning has been done by the former colonisers to stop that from ever happening.

Maybe the idiot who posted this topic has learned something new from these bright ideas. :smiley:

I chuckle every time I hear black Africans talk of “uniting” in order to fight white colonizers. @LuandaMagere this is for your ilk.

Your kind needs to change tactics and learn from BLM how to become professional victims. You will never match White institutions from a position of power. Forget it. So you chip away their strength, shake them down, agitate, guilt trip at every turn. Remind them of the past! We are where we are (generalized African poverty) because of our colonial past. This history of ours, colonialism, is a billion dollar industry but I’m surprised our cultural anthropologists haven’t wisened up to it.

Start NGOs, make short movies, harness the power of social media to constantly talk about racism’s legacy on our cities. One thing I’ve learnt about white people is they get super uncomfortable with the emotion called “guilt.” Remind them that white success has been built on your backs and they need to pay up!

#BLM gave all blacks around the world a powerful extortion vehicle but Africans in Africa are sleeping on billions of dollars. Forget the whole narrative about Africa rising, White people look at y’all and laugh. There’s no shame in being a victim in need of sympathy.

you cannot get anywhere by extortion and shaking down from a point of victimhood. you will be crippled with handouts. right where they want you.

That’s the only no strings attached money you will ever get from White people, is guilt money. It’s already been paid for! Our ancestors, God rest their souls, wrote us a blank cheque and signed it all we need to do now is cash it in. Why are black countries so poor? The root cause is racism, sure, African leaders are terrible but the original sin is white supremacy. That’s where we need to focus because there’s a lot of money to be made. What black people need is money, money, money for their schools and businesses. Bottoms up economy ndio hii.

Back in college, we thought the African American history majors were doomed to a life of working in McDonalds after graduation coz surely, what skills do they bring to the table. How wrong we were! Right now every major company has a diversity office for all their in house needs in PR/HR, those history majors some have branched out and started their consultancy firms for anti-racism training workshops, they’re writing books and being paid to give speeches on this hot topic. It’s amazing how in the last few years they have come up with an entirely new language (terms like white fragility, white allies, co-conspirators, micro aggressions etc :D) and monetized an ecosystem built on this “mission” of righting past wrongs. Since white supremacy is not ending any time soon, this cash cow can be milked for a long, long time. :smiley: What we have now, the unending “poverty eradication” programs, humanitarian and development aid that’s what is crippling Africa.

Check this out. BLM wako juu. This is how you win. Victim-hood 101, take notes.