Now on NTV, Victorias Lounge. Widowers speak of their journey as single dads and the women who were the loves of their life.Janet Kaninis husband among others! So touching. There’s amazing Kenyan men who take care of their terminaly ill wives and singlehandedly raise their kids now.

Hi @GeorginaMakena. Si atleast ungengoja hata the second guest apeane their story. And you call then amazing? Of course they no go say nothing of the MWKs and ONS. Or of shrews and crazy women…

How surprising that single dads are amazingly glorified when they remain as that while single moms are trashed and branded kungurus.

@M2Random tupe expert advise

Have you ever seen us bash widows?

Ikua is an ordinary nigga like the rest of us. You would be calling him gay or some other bullshit that you spew on the daily if you knew him. There is nothing special about these guys, they are doing what they are supposed to do.

the same way a lady who is chips fungwad is considered loose and feels ashamed of how she gave out her cookie while a guy who is sausage fungwad by a woman will gloat about to his pals even in a hekaya thread

This is important for anyone whose lost faith in men and marriage. To see the holy grail of marriage and that true love really does exist. Due to the visibility bad boys get its easy to think there are no responsible and loving men who care and respect their wives.What Ive loved is that they’re all committed Christians and they haven’t rushed to remarry as an escape from their responsibility of being a single parent.


Na usiniite red pill cultist @GeorginaMakena

Or how a man can reveal unabashedly that he was paid for sex by an old white woman. If it was a woman ingebidi atoke kwa hii forum coz she’d be attacked so hard. But the man was only asked if he used a condom!

But @Female Perspective hajawai toka hapa. Mind you alikua anagawa akiwa 18 months pregnant. It took the intervention of a talker’s mshuto for the child to escape the torture of being probed endlessly and join planet earth.

If women love bad boys and spite the good ones, Victoria Rubadiri would have invited the bad boys not these lovely men.

This stigma attached to single moms is supposed to be a deterrent so that women take their responsibility of not having kids before marriage! Somewhere along the way its become ok to get pg out of wedlock which is very wrong! Kids need to grow up in a complete family.A father’s role can’t be delegated or ignored. It is very important! Im of the opinion that even if you never marry, the only option is to adopt bcz single motherhood particularly when its intentional does not reflect the dignity of God and severely short changes the kids. Marriage must be prerequisite of having children. Women must take their reproductive responsibility seriously bcz they are the custodians of reproduction. If every woman made it a must to marry before Sex and resulting pregnancy, men would bcm more responsible and respectful toward women.

Im with a colleague from India and he says he does not know of any single mother in his neighborhood. My point is, in Kenya we have let our values get washed away and now deal with the disintegrating society with westernized values

do you mean @Adeudeu could afford 3k a shot with his diet of a whole mtura.

Worry not Guru. That only happens on KTALK. The trashing of single Mums every single day and labelling singles like me Kungurus that is. M2Random has been ranting about them from time immemorial giving ‘expert’ advice about all matters women. Who would have even thunk that he was dry frying in this day and age yawa na tena Campus chicks??? walahi siwezi zalia M2Random. I am vv pro-life but think I would really re-consider my catholic view here but then again I would have ditched him by date number 1 as his views on women are lopsided, so would never have gotten there. Now he has created 2 and I read that he wants to introduce them to each other!!! Ngai Fafa. He clearly is vv clueless.

I pity those young foolish ladies.

Jealous buggers everywhere

Washed by who? it takes 2 to make a child.

Kujidharau…ni rare kuona wanaume wakibeba placards wakitafuta wanawake, its just women who do this type of shit. Ratio… women mko mob compared to men and this causes desperation, mnang’ang’ania the few available, kumbe hao ni wale hawatulii, you end up chip fungwad, paged and abandoned… Baada ya kujifungua unaanza kupanua tena na inakuwa mtindo…