I won’t talk of population versus gender it can put elephants to sleep. The reality is simple though. Out of all gentlemen, only a few are worth the title. Out of all ladies only a few are worth the title too. Now the said few stand out very much.
Ask yourself which side are you and what happens to the rest?

Am not watching the show Georgina but I am trusting your views on the live show and consequently all your arguments on both sides…

could you plz not talk of single dads yu dnt knw what we go through @GeorginaMakena

lol isn’t India a rape capital of the world alongside South Africa? Perhaps men should also be responsible not to page women they don’t intend to live with since it seems to concern y’all so much than how pathetic you’ve become.

You and other men can go play FIFA or go to house party tomorrow with University boys instead of whining. Nonsense

@FieldMarshal CouchP , your thoughts perhaps?

Bitterness wont change the said facts. If u r a singo mother bear the burden, pregnancy doesn’t sneak up on people. Hutafutwa kwa bidii sana, infact people even sweat.
My point is that single motherhood is less accepted in some regions, i think people either value protection or abortion is the order of the day. Sielewi why u r bitter.

i watched it and i must say we men are strong

have you visited our homes and find our family abandoned? or we should go on air too for us to be recognized??? all men take care of their wives when sick and the kids too we just don’t run around telling about it.

Mama praising men…this is worth bookmarking…

pees ant pia wewe