The Man Ruto

That moron @spear who used to ride the government on KTalk will “argue” ati Ruto is literally Lee Kuan Yew. He is a bigger doofus than the guys in the Sex & Relationships subforum.

Ruto is horrendous. He is no different to a no-name like Babu Owino only that he is much older. He made his wealth under dubious circumstances at KANU. Got into Deputy President position by literally banding against ICC, which should not surprise you. He has never fought for anything public good in this country. His Government’s marquee project was SGR, a misallocation of funds, that he didn’t even complete. Let us not forget his embarrassing stadium fiasco. He didn’t even get along with his fellow Rift Valley crooks, the Mois. There is no saving Grace in Ruto. He is ugly, moronic, has no important high profile allies, has never championed for anything. He should have been locked up in the Netherlands. He will never be President of this Country. We cannot elect a more greedy, less politically savvy, Arap Moi. Never.

Etombe lazima anajichocha sana after Big Tech taking the US President down.


enda jikoni upikie wanaume chai na mandas. if you have any political views look for a male species hata mtoi au umbwa uiambie hizo views ikuje kwa wazee ituambie

Wewe ni ghasia. Uko na miaka ngapi sahi? Na bado unawaste time huku KTalk. Ati brand name uwesmake and all you’re known for is stupid comments about paying sex workers. You are stupid af. A failure of a man and most definitely balding.

Come to think of it, I have never come across your profound articulation of anything. What is your IQ? What are your aspirations in life 5 years from today? Or you will still be here “liking” photos of women like you have done for a substantial proportion of your life. Enda find a book and read you stupid boomer man.

Gassia! Rudi kwa threads za umalaya na za kusambaza ukimwi…huoni hapa tuko serious?

Well well…
The most ‘beautiful’ girl alive has spoken. Let’s all abandon reason and bask in her wisdom. We stand guided Mother Superior!!!

Saitan wewe… Who gave you the moral authority to imagine you know better than everyone else and can infer better than anyone else? Simama for election uchaguliwe basi…Shock as with one vote as an MCA then maybe you can Yap your imbecilic opinions Loudly here.

For your information; the dynasties came together and shall flourish because of punitive mindsets like yours. They know, there will always be ass kissers irrespective of what the do to the proletariat. RAO and UK are the biggest conmen and thieves in this country but because they have money and the system, they can whitewash themselves and silly retards like you will come to their defence; almost like robots to a Tee.
That TinGod idiot you worship and that other drunk thief hand shook to protect their ill-gotten wealth and nothing more. The TinGod Usurper committed treason like Trump and swore himself after refusing to participate in an election and going to swear himself thereafter and he was rewarded by co-piloting this country. Therefore, shout yourself hoarse if you want to, just do their jigs silently since they pay the pied piper for now, but our uncle ArutoDe’s day will come. Yes.That man without the system or influential backgrounds.


Girldem, you mean to the muthafaker:D

Shida yako na balding men Ni nini?tombwa utulie

You know!!Ni kama ako an kura yetu sisi wote. Idiot

Umbwa ghasia takataka go slow on my bae. Ama nikufanye kibogoyo.
@girlciki93 baibz I won’t vote the career thief. He deserves to be in kamiti akipooesha uji.

Chunga hio mdomo yako. I will make you edentulous man. Utavaa dentures for the rest of your life. Sipendi Mtu akacheza na kienyeji yangu.:D:D:D

I challenge you

Your Bae’s IQ is lower than a lizards…
Enda uwekwe mkia uache kufight vita za wenyewe.Nkt…Ni kama amekuambukiza ujinga

Peana venue Mimi nitakumada.

Ile bile uko nayo nikama ulikuliwa slices na wsr akapotea to karura never to be seen again

@Big fire ume amua kutumia handol yako ingine to fight me.

Ebu Nyonga na imagination ya @girlciki93 and then go inebriate your pathetic brain. That’s all you’ll ever do to Her/Him/IT; imagine and wank it silly.


Tomba nyanyako… Mko serious na nani