The Man Ruto

Kijana,endelea tu kucheza na serikali…don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Hii ndio ukweli watu hawataki. Kenyans don’t seem to get that just because they hate Uhuru and Raila doesn’t mean they can’t scrutinize Ruto too. Ruto is just as bad as Uhuru but unlike the presidents son, Ruto was not born in the statehouse and raised a royal. He has no excuses for his shittyness. Therefore he’s worse than Uhuru.

When Kenya was fighting for multipartism, Ruto was missing in action. When Kenya was fighting to breakaway from a dictator, Ruto was silent. When Kenya was fighting for a new constitution, Ruto was against it.

There’s no positives attributed to him in his 7 years at the helm. Nor his whole political career. Only scandals. Looting public property and resources. Ruto is not a man who means any good for the nation. He doesn’t have the qualifications nor mindset to steer the nation positively. It will be absolute plundering of public land and resources if given the stick.

Hiving forests, national parks, public beaches, repurposing public school lands for his personal use and robbing the treasury will be the order of the day. All public houses will have title deeds changed to his name.

He will show up in court suing the government for rent money for Mombasa Municipal stadium and City stadium claiming he purchased those in 2008. Bomas of Kenya will be under loan to National Bank- with the loan money having been given to Ruto.

He should be kept away from the highest office.

Tombwa wewe na Ruto wako… Hizo vitisho direct them to fighting Al shabab na wezi kwa serikali

He is a thug who shares his plunder with many especially clergy men, he is exactly another moi. Unfortunately he will win for he is destined for it by fate, mostly because he is an angel when compared to those championing for his defeat. Look at mudavadi, a guy who only knows boardroom politics and scavenges at any political career that is com8ng to an end. For raila the least is said about him the better.

Humbwer ghasia niwache.

So what case can you make for Ruto exactly? Ati you’re going to vote for him because?
Policy - zero (what vision does Ruto have as a leader? We are not interested in the entrenchment of a new dynasty. Raila pushed for new devolution of power, majimboism, Uhuru is part of the “Royal Family”)
Politics - zero (has no high profile allies, was Raila subordinate in 07, Uhuru surbodinate twice and got sidelined from Government lol)
Demeanor - zero (he is sooo “Kalenjin” yuck. He is ugly and looks like he is lying every time he talks)

Sema tu unachukia LootAll. Hakuna haja ya kutumia soo many words sugarcoating your anger towards LootAll

Ruto is worse than these guys. Because he will be coming to establish his family and people as another Ruling family. Ruto has never stood for anything. Neither establishnent not the Political struggle for liberation. He is just a moron out to steal. Imagine lying that you attained PhD hahaha.

Admin should organise a ktalk boxing day watu wapatane kwa ring to let off steam

Facts only

The hanging guy is Kenyans trying to escape dynasties and are headed to the crocodiles awaiting.

I have been looking for this picture for years.

Okay,I’m giving you 10 hours to apologise 1944-0544

Shida yako na wakalenjin ni nini … jifunze kuheshimu lugha ya maziwa … bloody nugu

Seconded fist bout ni Mimi na @Big fire. Huyu lazima nimfinyie makahasho. Alana tambua 130kg of raw shonde.

There is nothing like dynasties. They are all aristocrats who stand for each other. If Ruto was going to finish any of them they would have finished Ruto now that they have power but they have not even started a case against him.
If you support one of them you are stupid as another person supporting the other aristocrats

@girlciki93 at some point you professed your love for Ruto, kwani alikudishi na akaingia forest?


Hell no he is worse than his other Kanu colleagues. But the biggest problem with most of you is you act like we have no other candidates.

:D:D:D:D:D:D @girlciki93 ni malaya kuma chafu sura mbaya , maybe Ruto alikataa kumlipa after kumtomba sasa amejam

Lol I was a child then