The hoe's story, how does it end?

So recently I had this conversation with a lady…one of the friends I told you guys about:

The.Black : blah blah blah…what about you what are your plans? any wedding bells in the horizon?
Lady : hahaha…I am not the kinda chic a man introduces to his mother
The.Black : Why not?
Lady : I am just not the marriage material type…
The.Black : Really, why don’t you let guys make that decision for themselves? you are pretty and all…
Lady : You know how many men I have been with?
The.Black : I have no Idea, ni wengi?
Lady : Ebu guess?
The.Black : 150 men?
(Lady laughs in surprise)
Lady : Gawsh no…about 20…
(Ofcourse that means its about 50 or so men)
The.Black : Ahh hao sio wengi…I know of others who have been with over 50 men (Ofcourse that is a lie…just to let her know that I know worse ladies)
Lady : aaaii hao ni wengi sana…
The.Black : yea ni wengi. And have you ever had a threesome ama ata foursome?
Lady : No, I don’t like sharing. But I have been with three men in a single day…
The.Black : Si that is a foursome ama?
Lady : No in different time, one in the morning, another during the day and another one in the evening…
The.Black : Waah ata huwezi hurumia hiyo wa mwisho?
Lady : Si he asked and begged for it na singemyima…

This lady is very beautiful, problem is that she is easy, and she has been with every type of man imaginable from a Judge to Movie shop owners. She is barely 24 mind you. Do yo guys know of such girls ama its an isolated case?

Some are in the village let them answer for themselves!

Yep, I know of one who is 25 stays in Zimma and has a new man taking her out every week and akikuambia anaenda out that means anarudi kesho afternoon. One day we even met in Tao at a coffee shop just catching up and she told me anangoja a call from an old German guy in Hilton hotel that they had been chatting on Afro Connections. She left me there and in two hours she was back adjusting every single part of the body kutoka nywele hadi blouse. Later on tukaenda kunywa Club Dolche with a host of other childhood pals, and she was chipod by some other nigga. They play this game better than we do man.


Wako wengi tena sana. Wa club hua wameadmit vile wako na they live with it,but wa mtaa hua in denial and only open up to friend and such is your case

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When it come to lady’s …respect ua own mother “ONLY”

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SMH Damn!


@Ice_Cube huyu naye huwezi mchipo kwa club…she has “standards”!

She’s young and thinks it’s going to always be like that. Soon enough things will start going south both her assets and value. At this point she’ll start working hard to grab one of those idiotic mama’s boys or just successful nerds (bwana mzuri), get pregnant and then utamwona kwa Bridal Show akisema vile alikua akijitunza for that guy.

Wako wengi sana hata job kuna mwingine alikuwa ananiambia nimkule kabla hajazeeka. Siwezi mkaribia sexually hata akiwa kwa clean room na nimevaa ile suit ya Batman kwa Batman vs Superman.




I read a monetary barricade here.:rolleyes:


I know of one, a college girl, barely 24 years old. Every Friday afternoon she sends several texts to potential sponsors asking for “form ya weekend”. She gets several offers and chooses the most lucrative. She will disappear from the hostel on Friday evening with a big bag, to reappear on Sunday afternoon. I pity whoever will settle down with the lady.

Inbox me ha number good sir, I like easy lays…ama picha yake au jina mwanzo, pengine nimewahi vuka naye


@Ice_Cube huyo wa zimma ni sasha ama stacy by any chance?

hehe even then, I still consider her a friend. SO i guess I will hold onto that number


Men want a woman who is good in bed but never want her to get the practice she needs to get good at it. :smiley:


That is NO LADY, that is a female human a.k.a woman.


Ya’ll agreed that a woman needs to sit her azz down once she gets to a certain age because as per the laws of the universe, women enjoy themselves when young and men enjoy themselves when older. Murphy’s law or something … who knows?

In that case, LET THE YOUNG BISCHES LIVE! We only have like 5 - 10 years where we can do it all.




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I beg to differ, Men want a one night stand who is good in bed… but if she is too good, then that remains just that, a one night stand…otherwise my wife can practice with me all she wants…so long as I am the trainer!

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