The hoe's story, how does it end?

Had such a galfriend in early 2000s. There was a time i called her once on a landline and tried to ask to guess who i was. She hesitated and then told me "Mwangi tiga Guthakira’ (stop kidding Mwangi)…and my name is obviously not Mwangi:D. I hung up the phone seething with anger:mad:
Later on after we broke up ndio niliskia stories eti men were lining up in her one roomed house in Githu 44 when i was away. After i was told this, shock ikanipata and i rushed to the loo and nikaendesha for like 25 minutes despite the fact that I didn’t have prior stomach problems… Sijui Mharo ilitoka wapi.:smiley:
VCT visitations later proved negative. The biatch later got married to some niccur in shags and i hear they have like 5 kids.
Btw, how come when you are being played, you are always the last one to know in the whole neighborhood??o_Oo_O:mad:


Maybe it’s because when people know you’re being they act “extraordinarily normal” (It’s an Oxidation , I know) and some even try to help hide it from you. Ama love is blind.

Mostly it’s because most people don’t know as they are too busy with their own lives to worry about yours.

hahaha no comment

very true its like mtu huwa amefugwa macho or i cant understand


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hehee coz everyone else is speaking in hushed tones

Lets see. My last modest count, i had roughly climbed three busloads of the fairer beings. Assuming there are some other 150 fisis of my leaning and calling, and further assuming our paths criss crossed over the years, each individual lady would have 150 notches on the butt of her gun. Simple maths.

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She’ll still b ur frnd even after I kagua her, not like am killing her or taking her away frm u. Now give me the damn number!


come on @The.Black.Templar do it man

Anipe fasta fasta, tumezoea kudinya mapoko waliodinywa na wanaume zaidi ya 1k…huyu kwangu ni bikra



I had one like that who by then was a student at KU, all weekends Friday to Monday morning she would spend with me. She used to get an alarmingly high number of phone calls from guys and she kept lying to them that she goes shags every weekend,but she kept assuring me that she loved me too much to think of anyone else. Little did I know that Tuesday to Thursday there were three other guys who used to bang her like crazy. When I confronted her about it, you know what the bitch said… ‘what’s the harm and I always use a condom’. She left my place that day looking like she had been run over by a speeding fire truck.

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No furking way, gawsh look at all of you!


As in you beat her up? not cool man, not cool at all!

I don’t know why a man would beat a lady when she is unfaithful…yet no one beats them when they whore around …SMDH


What you mean? Men get clobbered, poured hot water on and transformers removed by jealous partners. Did I make that up?


Its cool with you then when you will be caught cheating ufanywe the above ?

Not a chance I will be caught since am now reformed and wiser. I have since stopped chasing skirts.

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Say no more! should have stopped right there and told her to wait shortly as you rush to buy three packs of condom. I am sure huwezi shindwa kubeg :wink:

:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: mmh sawa