the fuck is this??Prophet Owuor 'brings woman back to life'

do you believe Paul raised to life a young man who was proclaimed dead?

this guy opened a branch of his church right opposite my house, Friday night’s and early Sunday morning huwa nightmare. what with the loud speakers as late as 2 a.m on Fridays and as early as 4a.m on Sundays!

That woman still looks dead ! :cool:

But you have to love this miracles ! He can cure all , raise the dead, give vision to the blind but please no amputees !

Hoping that he would pray and all the illegal guns in the hand of the pokots turn into walking sticks.

Nitaamini hawa watu ile siku kenyatta hospital itafungwa due to lack of patients

I don’t believe in miracles on demand like he does. God picks who to heal but not by human command. Even Reinhardt Bonnke said he may pray for healing so strongly but many of that actually works. Hapa people are paraded on stage for “healing”.

He is john the Baptist, the problem is even if Jesus comes few will believe him, even before he was rejected in his home town citing they knew him from childhood and no way he could be the one. It reached a point he raised jairus daughter and told those who were there not to tell anybody

As far as Im concerned, i will be a doubting Thomas on his raising the dead. I heard it from one of my former professors more than 5 yrs ago. I dont believe this miracles of resurrecting anyone from the dead.

If it can be done, I would like him resurrect my long gone Gukas. Once alive, I would like to ask them what excatly precipitated the Lari massacre. Na hata those long dead Jungus can also tag along so that i get a balance story.

I pity those that force doctors to discharge critically ill patients from ICU, only to have them die in the streets. He could as well go to ICU and heal them. Hii ni bure kabisa.


You bet!

You’re a disgrace to sycophancy.

Satan once tempted Jesus the same way: if you are the son of God, convert these stones to bread so you don’t starve. I hope you know what Jesus replied.

Sasa nimekua Saitan, ni sawa tu. This is why I dont like debating mambo religious. You end up stepping into too may peoples toes. Mzee @Okwonkwo, lets agree that we disagree. I respect your opinion.

sijasema wewe ni satan. Hii ndio shida ya watu wa kucatch mafeelings ovyo ovyo.

@Okwonkwo, I could debate you all day about religion. I dont catch feelings at all. If you want us to debate you are welcome. Sasa jibu hiyo swali hapo juu.

All I can say is that Christians are “sometimes” fools and those who believe that this fucking bearded Jaluo is a John the Baptist or even anything near that are misguided. That someone can even start to give credit to such nonsense escapes my comprehension. So the whole Christian world should give this Owuor attention??? Ridiculous.

You see, the biggest problem with faith is that it is supposed to create self doubt. So that even thugs may be given benefit of doubt with “it may just be Gods way of preparing us, testing us”. Why, oh, why must your god play these kind of guessing games?

There in lies my biggest problem. Jesus said he is the one coming back next. There is no prophet in between. Choose either to believe in Jesus of fuck off and join us.

Incidentally, why did God interfere with the tower of Babel. It could not have gone beyond 10,000 feet anyway, unless in those days the atmosphere extended all the way to “heaven”! So man may have reached heaven. But how far is heaven? They would have used the whole earth to reach heaven going by the distances in space. Unless of course your faith also informs you that those distances calculated by scientists are a Mirage:D:D

Bure kabisa!

Can you make your point without insults? Hiyo umesema sitasoma, try again.

haina haja. wacha tukadebate wana UOTP.

Ok Githee. Peace.

kumbe si umama pekee unajua, :D:D