the fuck is this??Prophet Owuor 'brings woman back to life'

[SIZE=5]Prophet Owuor ‘brings woman back to life’
Residents in West Pokot County were yesterday surprised to witness the resurrection of woman at Cheparten village in West Pokot County. Thousands of prophet David Owuor believers travelled miles the village in South Pokot sub county to witness the resurrection of a woman who had allegedly died on 22nd June but she has resurrected. Drawn from all corners of the country they flocked in the remote village just to eyewitness if the miracle really happened or its just a pareidolia.

niliona hii upuss huko kwa zukabaka but hii ni kelele tu,no man can bring the dead to life.ONLY JESUS THE KING OF KINGS

so Yesu came back as a tiff?

‘The mighty prophet’ that title alone tells you he is a power hungry niga seeking attention. But I don’t doubt him being a prophet, he can be which is not a big deal. There are even many better prophets than him who are so humble to be noticed

Some of the preachers are very extreme that some of the miracles they purport to perform are absurd. There is no way that a person after dying can come back to life.Period. To make people believe otherwise is just soo wrong.

Nilijua maswali yataulizwa

why would he do this to her? ama she didnt go to heaven after she died? isnt heaven a better place for her than drought stricken bandit controlled western pokot?

Na wale huamka pale city mortuary huwa wamefufuliwa na nani?

Politicians will rush to him

This fake prophet is a disgrace to Christianity.

Alibatiza Raila

miracles happen. atheists continue disbelieving.

I saw the dude the other day somewhere on Accra street.Actually he was doing some shopping in a shop.He had in tow like a dozen pastors,outside the shop’s entrance two APs stood guard commando style bullet proof jackets dark eyeglasses.The shop was closed for the general public until "the mighty prophet"left.

my fren, What threshold are you using to proclaim him as fake?

What did Jesus tell his disciples when he left?

This man is fond of taking Kenyans for a ride. I’ll leave this one here, cc @biraru


why not call himself ‘the prophet of the mighty lord’?

so unaamini hii upuzi ata wewe.

The bible says you shall know a true prophet by his prophesy, if he predicts something and it fails to happen then he is a false prophet.

I am not so sure of Owuor’s prophecies and whether they have come to pass but I have witnessed his events and the manner he carries himself, he seems more of a cultish figurehead than a servant of Jesus, the materialism and show of might is a total contradiction of the manner Christ and even the apostles carried themselves, I do not trust that man.

as fake as they come.