The elephant in the room

Is none other than the Arap mashamba. He is the problem.
He doesn’t care how this is gonna turn out as long as it gives him a leeway to 2022.
Did you see the arrogance in his presser yesterday.
He has thus put so much much pressure on Uhuru not to relent. Let me tell you, the President is not a power hungry individual, but the former URP party cartel is. They want power in 2022 by all means necessary.
Ruto will make Duale his running mate and with the central people being held by their nuts, they will have no choice but to endorse.
Opposition will be destroyed and Ruto will rule like Nyayo.
Do we really need this to happen? My people from central, open your eyes. Our God is taking through this difficult period so as to save you from future destruction.
Open your damn eyes.

Tuko 2017 vitu za 2022 uliona aje??How did you come up with that theory that he would make Duale his running mate??Think

hahahahahah…Ruto ni mwanume kweli…he has earned my vote come 2022

we would rather have nyayo era that this nonsense. Where are we signing to revert back to the old constitution?

African countries can only have political stability under Dictators.This Democracy is fucking up with everything.I miss the Moi regime

naswa are the ones giving us an excuse to go back to moi day
respect the courts decision, election within 60 days

the high priest of porojo

I don’t know about Duale but the stakes are very high for Ruto and for Uhuru supporters…that’s why we are living in dangerous times…

Am longing for a Ruto presidency.I know many would be against him but if they get re-elected now i dont see any worthy competitor come 2022.It will just be a walk over for Ruto if kikuyus return the favour

I say we go the democractic way.Dialogue at the ballot.2022 Ruto with whoever he likes can take the mantle,he has my vote.Yours is just a bitter rant

o_Oruto and duale leading this country:confused::confused:that would be hell on earth

We are Africans we don’t need to reason that high…It may hurt our brains. Why don’t we extend our campaigns near the forest areas and register as many apes. They might at last reason better and give us change…in an attempt to catch up with our little above IQ.

I have a feeling it will be a Kamba leader…maybe Alfred Mutua. Jamaa amefanya kazi…and looking at it from the current political angle, then it will give Kambas a renewed hope of having their own at the top seat. Kalonzo has really let them down. If Luos won’t have seceded by then, watabaki na Luhyas & Kisiis still fighting to secede as the new villains of the country will be Kales and Kambas.

Can any computer guy photoshop and post a warthog wearing a turban please…

I would rather the dictatorship with functional economic pillars than a democracy with economic sabotage loopholes. I have always said democracy is overrated. As long as people can use the system to manipulate their way into having their interests realized, then democracy is a piece of shit. Middle eastern countries, eastern countries e.t.c.

You have to send your photo first.

Pick any random warthog and turban on web

Look at you trying to absolve Uhuru and put the blame on Ruto. Go hang!

Truth hurts. When 2022 approaches, I hope you will be having a similar opinion.
Mungu akuweke.

Aniweke wapi exactly? Don’t think that Uhuru is some softie just because he smiles with people in public. Just because you don’t see his hand doesn’t mean his armless.
Bibi akuweke.