The elephant in the room

Ruto is Kenya’s smartest politician. He is shady but he’s not a fool. However, I don’t see a reason why Uhuru should relent to the opposition knowing well that he would win in a fresh election. Raila must regret daily ever throwing Samoei under the bus.

Just amazed at your thought process and others on this thread. Do you not see ruto as a scandalous figure?
He has openly had s scandals of corruption around him.
I wish Kenyans could take a chance with a different breed of leadership .
Even ole kayapi or abdu diba would do for a change.

Many of the political parties Big Men or co-principles are ex-KANU, Kenyan’s came very close to getting rid of them and the corruption strongholds they created but one Proxy man plays a deadly bad game on a naive nation.

I support you. We can’t be in campaign mood from January to December.