The Earth is flat

I believe the earth is flat is like we are inside a dorm , in such a manner Kuna edges we can’t pass we end up in circular motion …

Its high time we stopped believing all this funny white man stories ,sijui gravity, sijui forces , gathia, it’s like telling a cow is a snake

Lakini ngombe ni nyoka tu

Seng’eng’e ni ng’ombe

Flat earthers can’t explain why it is night in China and daytime in Nairobi.

Wee zile bangi unavuta siku hizi hazikupeleki poa, you better change your pedlar b4 hayo mashetani yakuzooe.

It is time we Africans ditch the white calendar and start using the Ethiopian calendar.

Oh, but we can!
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What is the white calendar? I would think it’s more Roman than white

So if the earth is flat and the sun is 13 billion * brighter than the brightens star, what is preventing the sun’s light from reaching the dark side of the earth? foolishness

Was that Roman white or Black?

the earth is whatever you want it to be

Ditch writing in English and write here in your mother tongue first.

Bonobo thinking.

Ukafirwe mkundu

I give up

They just use sentences like “I have gone all AROUND the earth and cant find a reason it is flat”

Next order of business we are beginning to doubt the existence of the moon.

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Distance… Pffffft!

We overcame this challenge long before we were considered a cult. The only goddarn problem is the messed up satelites! An explanation for the pics they take showing the earth as round and we’re done:)

Give me their names and we will disavow those traitors.

Like we said in our last meeting:

We’ve gone all A-FLAT the earth.

@All FlatEarthers mind ya language

Soma hii thread, argue with facts: