The Earth is flat

Romans are white people

I think that’s calling white everyone who’s not black. The anglo saxon is classically the white man… Italians are closer to Mexicans than they are to Anglo saxons.

Historically, though ROMAN was a citizenship, not a Race. Like you do know Paul was Roman?

Paul was a Jew whose nationality was Roman

That’s what I am saying… ROMAN was not a declaration of Race like say AFRICAN. Roman was a citizenship…

That’s why Paul, a jew, was Roman. It was about citizenship and not so much race. Matter of fact, Rome was a very cosmopolitan state with slaves across the ethnic divide and no special attention being given to race. Anyone with sufficient funds could buy the citizenship.

the truth is always in plain sight for those with eyes to see here’s some videos showing the mockery

I totally concur with your statement. There were black, Asian and Caucasian persons in the whole Roman system. Of note is the gladiators who only selected the strongest men despite their race

Thanks God you ditched your teaching career otherwise you would be confusing our kids for no reason.endelea kuuza gas machaa