The best smartphone of all time

@administrator, pin hii shread tafasafali.

Tail end of 2021. Almost 12(?) years of using the modern smartphone as we know it here in Kenya have elapsed. We have seen behemoths like akina Huawei Ideos, Samsung galaxy Mini, the mighty Samsung galaxy note 3 and many many others upto hapa tulipo sasa.

So, kulingana na wewe, which do you think is the best smartphone of all time? Whether you you have used it or not doesn’t matter. Perhaps you know it must be good by its specs.

Sasa sema!

Nokia N95 -Music Edition.
Blackberry Curve
No other phone has has excited than those two.

By value then it’s OnePlus atleast going by this poll .[MEDIA=twitter]1414226098859089922[/MEDIA]

Has to be Huawei Ideos

What about this Nokia?

Yes blackberry curve

Ideos for the win…

For its quality and its premium aesthetics, I have to go with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

When ideos came out, watu waliita idiot, kumbe it was a computer. Huawei was ahead of its time

That was an idiot of a phone.

Htc desire 10 pro that was the best phone I ever used. Amazing display and quality

Any chance ulikuwa mig33 “kenyans” chatroom? Just asking because of your choice of devices.
I had the N95 8GB too. Nostalgia kibao.

Unaambia watoto,not many of them could walk on their ownby the time the phone exited

The design. Camera. It was just ahead of it’s time.

Yes I was in. The chats could not be saved. Had great time there and plenty of lays.

Ah, good life during pre facebook times though the plantation was sparse but kills were often guaranteed.

I remember its predecessor, the One M7 was the most premium device in the market during its reign.
It inspired the next generation iPhone.

I was introduced to it by a Mhindi. There was plenty of Asians. My first catch was a swahili-Arab milf. She shared nude unasafisha macho alafu inapotea. Very cool privacy. My experience with Mig33 madr me dislike facebook and the likes.

I was in love with Microsoft phones

My last purchase was Lumia 950XL

I still use it.

But there was an LG phone I had …sijui V40 or something

Sony Ericsson bana!