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Only the last pic looks strange but, its all but an assumption…

wazazi wa huyu mtoto walikuwa wapi?

That child should get counseling. Look like she was abused. But she cant reveal unless she is counseled

mimi nangojea a turn 18 nishaeka half a million kama bidding price kuna mwenye ako juu yangu?

Who is Wendy Waeni, what does she do, how old is she…?

IS she complaining of abuse? Who was taking those pics, if not the mother? I want to play the devil’s advocate and declare the Joe guy innocent in sexual abuse but may be exploitation for financial benefits… But am sure ingeendelea hivyo, that guy would have been the one to test the goods when she became legal… he would have prepared the meat for dinner at 18 and she would be a ready and willing prey…

Jealousy is real,this reminds me of some Nyoro fanatic who help a lady who was ailing from some breathing condition raise some good money through Kameme for treatment.Since the dude was hard on the victims relatives who wanted a slice of the money,they later ganged up on him.He had to surrender the fund kitty to the family.Never heard of them anymore.The same could be happening to that Wendy Manager

A possibility but this Joe guy looks a little bit more suspicious… let us see what the DCI report as the findings on this guy’s alleged improprieties… He doe not look too innocent… but let us wait and see


If he has done anything fishy,even with all my sins I would be the first to stone him,we need to check on how low we can go interms of molarity.It shouldn’t go below a certain level

i honestly don’t see anything fishy. some girls at that age are genuine and they are tender. so she could just be that. if he was up to something, it surely was for the money and not what kenyans are making it out to be.


I don’t think he’s ever defiled her. Those are evil thoughts from evil people! She still looks like a small child.

Huyo mtoto atakuwa typical slay queen akishafika 18 years. Kwanza venye akona following na anapenda kutembelea politicians kwa ofisi zao.
Kwanza naona kuna politician ata-sample hii mali.

What’s the story behind this thread?

Wewe ulinyimwa kuma na 14year old na uka hold grudge…I dont hink you have the moral authority to discuss this.