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Till the story behind the story is revealed,throwing stones will be in a holding pattern.

So the young girl in the photo is an acrobat named Wendy Waeni whose talent was identified and nurtured by the guy in the photo,Joe Mwangi. The guy apparently traveled world all over with girl show casing talent

So last Wednesday the girl is hosted on JKL and tells Jeff that her manager Joe mismanaged and misused her money and her mother and herself live in poverty in huruma. Joe allegedly runs her socia media account including Instagram and this photos were picked from there.

I was still her age at the time. We were agemates


Nothing to see then. All there is are:-
[li]An entitled girl who doesn’t understand how hectic being a promoter is. She thinks the guy is an idiot to use his time and money without anything in return. Kama ni rahisi si ajipromote na ajimanage awachane na hio nyang’au inaitwa Joe,[/li][li]A lazy mother keen on reaping where she never sow and who thinks money grows on trees. Vile mtoto wake ako talented, mbona asikuwe promoter na manager wake wakule hio pesa yote pekee yao?,[/li][li]A childish excitable journalist keen on hyping himself and seeking relevance,[/li][li]A githeri media seeking to bring idiotic Kenyans the latest “developing story”,[/li][li]Low IQ citizens tired of jubilee umeffi and happy to take on the next available umeffi in order to feel good about themselves and their meffi situation,[/li][li]Idle netizens who can’t deduct and comprehend that the media and social media “influencers” have them where they want,[/li][li]A hapless Okuyu named Joe receiving kicks for trying to be a good man and doing good to the downtrodden in the society. Kwani watu wanafikiria money just started rolling in after he showed up as a promoter and manager? There were many sacrifices; loans to start off, sleepless nights, flights with long laybys, nights in unfamiliar territories with unfriendly weather, foreign foods unpalatable to an African stomach, non paying clients, time, management effort etc. In all this, nobody is telling us how much they made and how much he took. Umeffi.[/li][/ol]

Did she really make a lot of money? Does she perform in a troupe or solo? Anyway that joe fella might have defiled her or not. Whatever. Life goes on

This place is full of pedophiles. For the love of God mwanaume hawezi travel with a child without it being sexual. I mean surely I know how rotten men are but how do you just assume that bcz he traveled alone with her she was molested? All you are seeing is how she will turn 18 Sijui akulwe na nani. Sijui alikulwa na Olwoch. Akipata UN woteva coz alilala na mtu huko. How degraded is your mind? Your mind is full of evil. Eish!!! THIS IS A CHILD WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE.


Leave alone the kid and suspicions that people have… the case is under the investigations of the DCI… it is too early to talk about it unless you have evidence ya kupeleka Karura… Akifika 18 she will be an adult who can make decisions… for now she is out of our discussions… am sure the cops will determine what the complain is… and i doubt it is sexual but most likely financial… Again what the admean should have done is to delete a thread that attempts to discuss a minor’s sexuality in an adult forum… It has been done before and should be done on this one

Not accurate - she turned out to be a con artist among other things.

The masses crucified Nyoro,he gave up the money.So the lady was a con!!
Kameme should have gone back on air to air the same.
No wonder i dont any watch local media houses content