Supreme Court Petition

Let’s wait and see

Indeed yes, this time around Maraga will have been a witness both as a voter and a victim of Jakuonist goons who wanted to invade, loot and burn his Nyamira home for exercising his constitutional rights.

:DMaraga sio wao tena?

Simplistic reasoning. Jakuonist goons went after Maraga, they cannot then run to the same court and ask for relief from their would be victim. Second why would the CJ participate in the so called “sham” that he himself ordered.

Maraga had to redeem himself

The CJ participated in the poll in his capacity as a voter and therefore it was his constitutional right. As to whether the poll was/is a ‘sham’ is another matter all together.

It will be up to 3rd party proxies to prove and make their case, with no affidavits as to their standing as authorised agents. The court already has judicial notice of NRM’s intended disruption of the election from the application they certified as urgent.

I had not thought of that. Ok , let’s wait

Yes, if I had to speculate on who would file a petition worthy of mention it would be AFRICOG who masquerade as Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu and purport to wear hats as both voters and observers.

Do you have a link to the threat to maraga? I need to use it somewhere

Never trust Maraga. Jubilee you watch this guy skeptically

Hata hiyo tutakuwa na 98%

usisahau the chain man Aka Okiya Omtata

Since you asked, here is the list and context:

Serial litigant

He is now the latest Orengo proxy, walikuwa bega kwa bega pale nje ya SC. The registrar should also step aside for cases to be free and fair of interference.

There is already a petition[ATTACH=full]135643[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]135644[/ATTACH]

Still you do not know that guy, what you arw saying is the the kind of mentality he has been nuturing through pretense. So that they can trust him again, if he nullifys this one (of which he will do if he get a chance) hio itakuwa nusu mkate pap

I do know claim to have decoded Maraga neither am I claiming that he cannot be counted on to give a predictable outcome, it would be foolish to do so. There will be no nusu mkate, and no election hadi 2022. We learned from Jakuon on how best to checkmate him.

It has been overtaken by events. It is now an academic exercise unless he withdraws and refiles it. Otherwise it will also meet a fate similiar to this petition.