Supreme Court Petition

The only way forward is for uhuruto is to tame him, if they try to trust him again he will knock them down completely. Remember this is the guy who really wanted to have a hearing for a petition to stop election on a public holiday and one day to election. He was madly determined to stop the election by he was checkmated. That guy can’t be trusted at all

Remember the election law went into effect on Friday, so that is one more hurdle that he will have to contend with. The judges like every other Kenyan want to move on, they now know the games the registrar engaged in and the games that were played by Orengo and that such shenanigans could cost them their careers. If there is a cleanup to be done it has to begin at the high court where a NASA friendly judge is obstructing investigations and arrests of those hell bent on plunging Kenya into chaos.