Supreme Court has rejected Texas/Trump's attempts to steal elections

Just as predicted, the US Supreme Court has rejected Trump’s final attempt to steal the elections. And, just like that, his misery continues.
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In 3…2…1

As predicted, the Supreme Court has rejected the state of Texas’ absurd attempt to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in four states. That’s what matters. But it’s disappointing that the court didn’t subject Texas to the scolding it deserved for wasting the court’s time and attempting to thwart the will of the people. With Electoral College deadlines rapidly approaching, the ruling likely ends President Donald Trump’s bid to overturn the election results through the courts. The Texas attorney general’s office did not immediately return a request for comment Friday.

Briskly rejecting a long-shot but high-stakes case, the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday tossed out the Texas lawsuit that had become a vehicle for Republicans across the country to contest President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

In a few brief sentences, the high court said it would not consider the case for procedural reasons, because Texas lacked standing to bring it.

“Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” the court wrote in an unsigned ruling Friday evening.


Texas sued this week to challenge the election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin on the basis that those states implemented pandemic-related changes to election procedures that, Texas claimed, were illegal and cast into question the election results. Those battleground states shot back, in harsh reply briefs, that Texas had no business challenging the election protocols of other states.

Legal experts warned that if Texas succeeded, the case would set a dangerous precedent of allowing states to intervene in one another’s affairs — and allowing courts to overturn settled, certified election results.

“Let us be clear,” attorneys for Pennsylvania wrote in the state’s reply brief. “Texas invites this Court to overthrow the votes of the American people and choose the next President of the United States. That Faustian invitation must be firmly rejected.”

Texas’ lawsuit leaned heavily on discredited claims of election fraud in swing states. Election officials and U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr have said there is no evidence of election fraud on a scale that could have swayed the results.


The lawsuit quickly grew into a dividing line for blue and red states across the country — and, for Republicans, a test of loyalty to Trump. Some Republican-led states refused to side with Trump in the case; Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said “the legally correct decision may not be the politically convenient decision.” But more Republican states chose to join it.

Trump — and Republicans across the country — had pinned their hopes on the Texas suit, with Trump himself intervening. In a series of tweets, the president called it “the big one” and later added, “it is very strong, ALL CRITERIA MET.”

By Thursday, it had drawn the involvement of nearly every state, with more than a dozen weighing in on each side, as well as the endorsement of more than 100 members of the U.S. House, including more than a dozen Texas Republicans: U.S. Reps. Jodey Arrington, Brian Babin, Kevin Brady, Michael Burgess, Michael Cloud, Mike Conaway, Dan Crenshaw, Bill Flores, Louie Gohmert, Lance Gooden, Kenny Marchant, Randy Weber, Roger Williams and Ron Wright.

If the court had heard the case, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz said he would have argued it, at the request of Trump.

But U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, a former Texas attorney general and Texas Supreme Court justice, had said he was “not convinced” by the logic of the case.

Court watchers said from the start that the case was a long shot. Trump has indicated that he hoped the high court, which now includes three justices he appointed, would turn the election his way, but the justices have shown no interest in doing so. Earlier this week, the court tossed a similar case from Pennsylvania Republicans attempting to challenge Biden’s win in that battleground state.

Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas indicated they would have allowed Texas to bring the case but said they would “not grant other relief.” None of Trump’s appointees indicated they saw any merit in the lawsuit.

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we are looking at our options we wont give up on overturning the fraudulent fake mail in votes election

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hii mambo ni decathlon. the conch will be blown on the high noon of January 20th.

You had said the Texan Lawsuit was the game changer! You will sink very soon. Clutching at them straws won’t help bro

the supreme court dropped the ball. bado tunakazana kisabuni. The Insurrection Act is still an option on the table.

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You’re still dreaming? I told you that the case would be dead on arrival. No SC justice would listen to a summary of Drump’s tweets, because that’s pretty much what the case was. There’s no other option on the table; it’s over. Any more theatrics will just cause him more embarrassment. Ivanka is already moving stuff to Florida. Drump will be evicted by the SS on the morning of January 20th if that’s the road he’d rather take.

What will you do on Jan 20th? Ama you think that day won’t come?

I give it to you, you were right on the spot.

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