Supreme Court has rejected Texas/Trump's attempts to steal elections

waite !

You are one of the ghasieers

It’s a free world

You are delusional. Not a single condition for invoking this act has been met


You have been singing about going to the Supreme court for more than 1 month. Now look at you :smiley:

Why is @T.Vercetti pretending he hasn’t seen this thread? We need his legal “expertise” here :smiley:

Drumpf actually thought the supreme court would allow him to go read his tweets in court :smiley: What a loser

[SIZE=7]Trump and 17 states back Texas bid to undo his election loss at Supreme Court[/SIZE]

Trump, defeated by President-elect Joe Biden in the Nov. 3 election, filed a motion with the court asking the nine justices to let him intervene and become a plaintiff in the suit filed on Tuesday by Republican-governed Texas against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Forgive him. He thought they have a Justice Odunga on the bench.

Oh well, he threatened long ago that the winner would be determined by the SC. He needs to shut up now. He conned his way in 2016, and his past has finally caught up with him.
He’s abused the legal system for so long; taking people’s money and running to the courts to have his businesses declared bankrupt whenever creditors came for their money.

Kahuni wewe ni high level troll lol

Please don’t ruffle them.
Several weeks ago, I was ‘threatened’ by Her Majesty Ms P, not to make plans for January 20th because I may not live that long, lol. Let’s formally address them on January 21st; wacha kwanza tukule Christmas.

Man for the last 4 years hatukupumua kamwe… :D:D:D