Sticking more than brothers... Unbreakable bond?

USA and Israel

Conservative US presidents(Trump) will steer towards Israel, while Moderate to liberal( eg Obama, Clinton) will steer towards neutrality with Palestine.


Blessed is the nation which blesses Israel, that’s the bible.

You forget modern day Israel is not the same physical polity or state in the sense advocated by the Bible… Especially not in Ben Gurion’s and Magda Goldberg’s middle East invention misrepresenting the notion of bibilical Israel


They need to return the land from 1948.

But of course it is. :smiley: Judea and Samaria make up the West Bank, Jerusalem of old is the same and present day Old City, is what was formerly known as Hebron. The ancient Israel that we read about in the Bible lines up perfectly with modern day Israel. Our parents took us there some years back and I think any believer should do the same at least once in their lifetime. When they talk of the garden of olives where Jesus prayed before his crucifixion I can see the exact location in my mind. Or the field where Samson slew 1000s of Philistines with the jaw bone of a donkey. I find your claim a highly disingenuous one. I was baptized at River Jordan, all part of ancient and modern Israel. We crossed the Sea of Galilee on a boat, just like Jesus and his disciples…And many other places, too many to list, which are all mentioned and corroborated by the Bible.

This changes nothing. It’s like signing a deal with Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda then saying you’ve brought peace to Africa. The Middle East is vast and has been at war since the days of Alexander the Great. It will take a hell of a lot more than ink on paper and flowery speeches to resolve their issues. However it’s a step in the right direction and it’s far more than any US president has done to achieve peace in that region. Now Trump can say he fulfilled one of his biggest campaign promises.

What!!!Where are the Palestinians? What is their say. What kind of deal do you sign with one side. Did you ever read the Oslo Accord involving Bill Clinton? Do you know why Yitzak Rabin was assassinated?

Unfortunately the “peace efforts” are leading to the revelation of the antichrist. Is like in 1st Thes 5:3, "When they shall say, “There is peace and quiet”, then suddenly destruction shall arise upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant woman, and they shall not escape…

You did read everything leading up to that statement which you marked in bold, right?

Even their god is so fuc***ng racist.

We also know that the Palestinians are Arabs and not the Philistines of the Bible.

The real Philistines after whom Palestinians call themselves were sea faring people from around Greece or Turkey who settled in Gaza and other towns and were later kicked out by Nebuchadnezzar of the Assyrians and dumped somewhere in Iraq.

The current Palestinians are Arabs who simply moved North from Saudi and settled where they are today. Even they know that they are not Filistina. They started calling themselves Filistina in 1964.

The Hebrews meanwhile came from Egypt settled in Israel and routinely waged war against the Philistines who lived nearby. The Hebrew were also pushed out by waves of invaders starting with Assyrians down to the Romans, Turks etc.

It’s a parasitic relationship but Americans with their generally low intelligence cannot see it.

Strange how Trump has brokered peace between Israel, Bahrain and UAE.
3 nations that were not at war.

Can’t wait to see him broker peace between France and the UK.

Trump and Netanyahu, two men fighting for their political lives.
Has nothing to do with the love of Israel, or the love of peace. It’s all about political soundbites and optics.

Also, any plans that involve bombing and killing Palestines, and taking their land… I would never support.
Trump has given Israel the authority to completely finish Palestine.

I wonder why the Bible would say that.
Wait, could it be because it was a Israelite religion?

the koolaid is strong with this one…

Just oiling the interests of the super bankers and owners of the monetary system