Situation at the Mbagathi Hospital

Guys how are things at the other hospitals still offering the jab. Getting a jab during the 1st phase is a tall order if you are not a TSC teacher, a medic, security or military or over 58.Since I am none of the above but was determined to Gerrit. I posed as a 68 year old woman, by using my mommy’s ID, she sent me on WhatsApp.I actually didn’t know kuko na masharti. I only heard that several hospitals especially private hospitals run out on Monday so I wasn’t going to take chances though I have a slot for 12th April for Avenue and 5th May for MP Shah via their online booking system . I arrived in Mbagathi few minutes to 5am. I lined up until 7.30 am when the security firm manning the area asked for our supporting documents. So I thought about the fastest documentation I could get, not TSC and certainly not a Medics ID, so I woke my mommy up and told her WhatsApp me your ID. I showed the guard my mom’s ID and because he had been fighting with a really dark hindu man who I thought was an African because it was still dark when I arrived. So his wife had document showing she was a doctor and the husband wanted to ride on her credentials. They had a 1.5 yo boy in the bitter cold. It almost came to blows when the askari shouted to the Kalasinga to get out of the queue. In the commotion, I got number 8. Well, at 9.30, a young guy in scrubs says that they’re going to Kitengela for the doses. By 12.30 no sign of the doses. Doses arrive at 1.00pm. We were still patiently waiting on the line.

Then comes a crazy woman who is like she is checking everyone’s credentials. Looking at her I see no hope of getting in as I have no physical ID of someone over 58 and the one I have online is of a 68 year old woman. No way I was going to go through the woman who said that vaccination ends at 3pm. I talk to another young lady who looks more approachable. I tell her I lost my ID and haven’t got my abstract. She looks at the ID on my phone and starts asking me about where I got it. I do guess work. It’s wrong then she asks me, how old are you? I say 60. She bursts out laughing. She waves me and tells me that they don’t allow online ID. Her brutish boss is busy arguing with the Indians and shouting at the top of her voice that no credentials no going in.

I thank my God and promptly rush to register. I realize that I didn’t carry my ID for registration, I was too busy with my mom’s ID that I forgot I needed my own for registration. No way was I going back to the gate of no return to get my physical ID from my car. I look for a soft copy on my phone show it to her, she captures my dets and tell her I am a lecturer. She stamps my hand and I apprehensively move in for the kill. Victory at last. The jab does not even pick. All the horror stories of numb arms are untrue I hate needles and had braced myself but I felt nothing. A lady who is a TSC can’t believe I pulled it off. She laughs heartily and says wewe ndio unajua kusurvive hii Kenya wah. How did you convince that mama. I was like I didn’t. For every temptation God always provides a way of escape. At 2.55pm. I leave the lady, her husband and baby who the crazy lady refuses to take her medical badge saying it’s not from KPMDU. I haven’t had breakfast or a drop of water or a morsel to bite bcz I don’t want to remove my mask in the crowd with zero social distancing. I call my mom and say, SUCESS. She’s like damn how did you pull that off, I told her when you are determined to do something God helps you. You are very crafty she says, what do they expect us to do. Unfortunately the tricks didn’t work for the chutty couple. I have been standing for 9 hours to get a jab.

I have had the worst experience in my family, my parents just waltz in and out. Age privileges. If this is what Kenyans are going through in public hospitals, standing in queus for an entire shift, one nurse came and finished her shift while we were there. Anyway, I thank God for seeing me through. Let’s do what we can and leave the rest to God. Is this what surgeons go through in those 13 hour operations? Much respect because right now my feet are numb I don’t want to imagine the elderly people who waited for all those hours.

That was my day in pursuit of phase 1 of the vaccination drive in which I was not eligible. If you know a TSC teacher get their ID from TSC . Pulling off the above 58 can be a tall order unless you get a makeup artist and pour floor on your head to look Grey haired. This is Kenya my frens. Akili ni nywele kila mtu Ana yake. If I could pull it off and I had no idea. You have a heads up. They won’t take your online ID get the real one, wear comfy shoes coz you will be waiting a long time only for the vaxx to land at 2pm and run out at 3pm. Get security personnel papers or TSC. Just make sure you are the same gender, some guy was caught using a woman’s certificate. LOL. Nimeona how some people will miss heaven by a whisker. You don’t even check the gender of the person you are impersonating. The 5 foolish virgins who run out of oil before the bridegroom arrived.

My case was actually the worst bcz even a blind person could not have believed that scam but I had to figure out something coz I was not going to leave with no vaccine after like 5 hours of waiting. The easy way out is TSC. Even if you are 55 they won’t take you so get the TSC it’s the safest bet.

No wonder unakuwaga bitter hivyo. Years of doing shots and treating your body like a landfill have made it possible for you to pass for a 68 year old woman.

I didn’t read everything but basically you managed to steal someone else’s vaccine before your group became eligible? Is that the Christian thing to do? You should be arrested and jailed. Thanks for killing that hardworking nurse, teacher, hospital cleaner who will get covid and die because there aren’t enough vaccines for them. This is why fighting covid has become impossible because of very selfish people like you.

Yes. If they needed it so bad they should have gone for it for the entire fortnight when nurses were twiddling their fingers. They had their chance. Can’t blame me for being last minute people. I actually thought that they were done with those groups and that’s why I went there. I had registered online for 2 hospitals but by Monday most private hospitals had run out. If they need it so bad, they can go to the outskirts of the city where people are still not interested in taking the jab.

I would have waited my turn but it ran out. What did you want me to do? I did what any sane person would do, I went where I was sure I was going to Gerrit. Don’t be so sanctimonious. There are already people selling the doses at 750 Bob. Even the shortage appears to be artificial to create a market. That’s how things work in Kenya. They had all the time. They waited till the last minute. Can’t blame me for that. If it was so essential why were they ignoring it for almost a month now. I actually was happy to wait my turn but word is India won’t supply any more doses anytime soon as they need it for their own people…

Yes I am selfish and yes it’s the Christian thing to do. That’s why the Bible says, love your neighbor as you love yourself. Not love your neighbors at your expense, put on your own mask before helping others. If I were at the risk these people are I would have been there the first day. Not now as a last resort after realizing the doses are running out.

I know that you think that you are the high priestess of what is Christian and what is not but remember Jesus when He said, the poor you will have with you always. He was saying its OK to be selfish, even when you are God and You own a thousand cattle on the hills. Why waste an alabaster box when it can be used for the poor.

I got my dose and I am extremely pleased for working the system in my favor and of course God was on my side, how else would I have gotten away with such an asinine idea to try and pass myself off as my mother. Btw it her who was putting pressure on me to get the vaxx and I believe the voice of a parent is the voice of God. I was OK with getting it when it became available bcz after all I am on lockdown working from home, so I wasn’t worried but the news of no more doses being imported and my dear mother telling me to hurry up and get it b4 it’s over felt to me like the plan of God. Serendipity.

I don’t have to justify my actions to you, who died and made you the barometer of what is Christian and what isn’t? But that’s how many nurses are. Wako na umama and they love to nitpick and be petty. So carry on. The damn vaxx is already in NY body to me that’s all I care about. Your opinion is of no consequence Mrs Pharisee

I know you think you’re very smart, cheeky and clever that you were able to finagle the queue using your mom’s stolen identity. You’re a douchebag for stealing someone’s spot. Some healthcare worker somewhere who works without adequate PPE will die because of your actions and others like you. It shows you have no heart for anyone but yourself, may you get the worst and most rare side effect hope that will teach you a lesson in humility.

Lol Malisaa hiyo man bashing ghasseer

Finish that sewer rat kabisaa…malisaaa

No, there’s a reason why governments all over the world are prioritizing front line workers and the elderly. I find it morally reprehensible how someone could take what isn’t theirs. Follow the rules! And she’s not the only one, many are doing it and it’s sickening to see the selfishness when we should be coming together as one during times of adversity. Once your group becomes eligible, then by all means you’ll have the opportunity to get vaccinated.

My dear if by now you hadn’t figured out that I am all about me, myself and I and unapologetically so, you are not the sharpest tool in the toolbox, you say it like it’s a bad thing, to me telling me that I only have a heart for me is a huge compliment bcz I have always thought of myself as a little too selfless, it’s like an addiction I have that I am trying to cut back on. you are slow.

Since you claim to be a Christian, yet you are just a viper, why don’t you go beyond wishing me side effects, if wishes were horses beggars would ride, go a step further and light candles and get a pentagram and tell your father Satan, to bring it on because if you knew anything about God, you would know He doesn’t answer such prayers. He will find a hedge of fire and he will have to report me to God to get past the batallion of angels with Anyway dua LA kuku halimpati mwewe and make no mistake I am not the kuku in that equation.

I pity you. Do you even understand God? Or you think God is a simpleton like you? Do you read the Bible? God loved and favored Jacob who under the guidance of his mother took the inheritance of his brother Esau. Not only did Jacob get the blessing from his father, he got it from Esaus birthright from Esau himself.

You are entitled to your opinion but this is how I see it, God had that spot reserved for me and only me. God never gives you a land that isn’t occupied for an inheritance, so you are probably right that I took someone’s spot. I don’t use charms and the lady at the gate who allowed me in clearly could tell that I’m nowhere near 58 and upon asking me where I took the ID I could not even tell but she just laughed, probably marveling at my ingenuity and determination and let me in saying, they won’t have let you in without an original ID. After my jab a few minutes later she was nowhere in sight. Btw the muhindi lady who was claiming to be a doctor and had brought her 1.5 year old and her husband met the other crazy woman and never got in, they were there by 4am. Apparently it was not from KMPDB. So as I see it, God sent the nice lady and directed me to appealing to her so that I could get in. I see the hand of God in the entire thing because I had the the most wack ruse that even a child could see through that came to my mind at the last minute bcz when I was leaving my house I didn’t know I wasn’t eligible and though on Monday I was at a private hospital for some health checks and had thought I’d get the jab there on a whim bcz the line wasn’t long, it run out.

I’m not trying to explain myself to you bcz as an agent of Satan masquerading as a religious person, your opinion is irrelevant. I just want to encourage someone here to go for the jab bcz at the beginning of the week this jab was the furthest thing in my mind. I got the link to the Avenue from my dad and the MP Shah one from my cousin who is in charge of Oncology in Aga Khan, she helped my mom and her mom get it at Aga Khan which was reserved or prioritized for Ismaelia community. I was even abit apprehensive but my mom kept pestering me to get it, telling me it’d run out. In fact she had told me to go on the previous day and when I didn’t she even told me to try Dental School on Lenana Rd if I was fearing crowded Mbagathi.

I suddenly felt the urgency to the point that I couldn’t even sleep. So I was like maybe it’s God who is compelling me to get the jab and that’s why on Monday I found out that the jab run out and wasn’t even available on Tuesday. It was a by the way at the back of my mind on Monday but suddenly the urgency of it running out was suddenly too much. My mom is on my case to get it and btw none of my siblings have gotten it so I don’t know why it’s only me she was putting pressure on. She told me that her other sister went to mbagathi at 5am and was done by 6 am. So I was actually having a mindset that I would be in and out in a Jiffy. I don’t think I would have likely not gone if I knew I was going to queue for more than 8 hours. I don’t even queue for 2 hours when I go to vote is how much I hate crowded places and queues.Not that I’m the first there somehow God just helps me and I get in and even leave those I came with behind. So actually I would have not even been there bcz I wasn’t planning on getting it at a public hospital no social distancing, disorganized and long queues with no seats.

So we ukiona a Douchebag who took someone else spot,me I am seeing God in all the details, ala, the steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord. Going from comfort able waiting for my 4.45pm slot on May 5th,to my 2.30pm on April 12th slot at Mpshah bcz I love appointment, you arrive get the shot go, not this business of queuing for almost a whole day, to now being haragued to go get the shot by my mom. Until I was like this pressure my mom is putting on me isn’t normal, it’s supernatural.

So the rest of the readers if you feel pressure to go for the jab, you go for it bcz you never know why God is allowing all this pressure to go for the jab suddenly could be its to protect your life or save it. Don’t hesitate. GO. Frankly I don’t know if it has run out or will run out but I met people who told me it’s run out at the private hospitals they had been in and also that India won’t be sending more doses bcz they need it for their people. If you really feel compelled go for it. I don’t know if my 2 slots I booked online will be available and if the doses will hold out till then, what I know is that by an interesting turn of events that were no where near my mind at the beginning of the week, I got the jab. Even that patience to stand for all those hours with no social distancing when I usually avoid moving around much to ensure the distancing is very unlike me. I was simply led by the spirit of God.

Now, my 2 slots are still available, I am willing to offer them, not to nurses and medics bcz if you are a medic and you are yet to be vaccinated I have no sympathy for you, you are not responsible and I will not enable you to gamble with your life. I am willing to give my 2 appointment to anyone with underlying issues or co morbidities. Heart disease, HBP, Diabetes, lung disease and the rest, if I get reminders from the hospitals I will let you know.

As for you madam judge and jurer. I find your indignation humorous bcz if you read the Bible you should know that no weapon fashioned against a child of God shall prosper and every tongue that rises up in JUDGEMENT, I shall condemn. When I was a young girl below 10,I had my tonsils removed,I lost my voice, there was a nun who was a nurse, and I looked forward to her coming to my room because she was full of the light of Jesus. She made me long to be a nun and to this day I smile when I remember her. I think lay nurses sometimes don’t understand how much impact they have on their patients, the love and care of God that can flow through them if they are filled by the Spirit of God. They can be the hands and love of Jesus to the suffering. We may have our differences but I wish you nothing but God especially during the course of this pandemic bcz it will run its cause eventually.
I pray that you
arise today, through
God’s strength to pilot you,
God’s might to uphold you ,
God’s wisdom to guide you ,
God’s eye to look before you ,
God’s ear to hear you,
God’s word to speak for you ,
God’s hand to guard you,
God’s shield to protect you ,
God’s host to save you
From disease and pestilence,
From snares of devils,
From temptation of vices,
From everyone who shall wish you ill,
afar and near.

Christ with you,
Christ before you ,
Christ behind you ,
Christ in you,
Christ beneath you ,
Christ above you ,
Christ on your right,
Christ on your left,
Christ when you lie down,
Christ when you sit down,
Christ when you arise,
Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of you ,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of you ,
Christ in every eye that sees you ,
Christ in every ear that hears you .

[SIZE=7]Prayer Service - In Honor of Healthcare Workers[/SIZE]
January-February 2000
Prayer Service - In Honor of Healthcare Workers
Call to Prayer

LeaderAs this new day begins, the God of healing is present in those among us who are caregivers for the sick.AllHealing God, conscious that caregivers reflect your compassion, we honor them and pray for them in a special way today. We ask you to hold them in your tenderness, give them an assurance of your spirit of strength as they minister to your people, and be for them a sign and source of hope. Amen.Reading IBlessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of mercies and the God of all consolation. He comforts us in all our affliction and enables us to comfort those who are in trouble, with the same consolation we have received from him.
[li]2 Cor 1:3-4[/li][/ul]
Reading IIAs Christians, we are called, indeed empowered, to comfort others in the midst of their suffering by giving them a reason to hope. We are called to help them experience God’s enduring love for them. We are to do for one another what Jesus did: comfort others by inspiring in them hope and confidence in life. This is what makes Christian healthcare truly distinctive.
[li]Joseph Bernardin, A Sign of Hope: A Pastoral Letter on Health Care,Archdiocese of Chicago and Catholic Health Association, Chicago, 1995.[/li][/ul]
RitualLight a candle as each response is prayed.Response IWe light this candle to let caregivers know they are honored and highly valued, to celebrate the efforts that they make in serving the sick each day. We thank them for the love they give to others and pray that they, too, may be showered with God’s love.Response IIWe light this candle as a tribute to all family caregivers among us who give so much of themselves to loved ones. We pray that they may find ways to share the responsibility of caregiving and experience consolation and strength on their journey.Response IIIWe light this candle for all doctors, nurses, pastoral care workers, social workers, aides, and all healthcare workers who seek to cure the bodies, nurse the souls, and heal the hearts of the sick who come to them. May they be given wisdom and skill, patience and determination, compassion and sympathy as they perform the ministry of healing.LeaderWe rejoice in the light of these candles, reminders of the presence of God’s people, his caregivers, committed to the healing ministry of Jesus. May the divine healer bless them.Silent ReflectionSongSee suggested musicClosing PrayerAllLoving God, on this day we remember healthcare workers here in our own facilities and everywhere.
We pledge our prayerful support to all who give of themselves daily in the healing ministry of Jesus. As they work to cure, speak to soothe, and touch to heal in the power of the Holy Spirit, may they be renewed in their commitment of service to the healthcare ministry. Lay your gentle hand upon each of them as they touch others with your presence. We pray in your holy name. Amen.
“All Are Welcome,” and “We Remember,” by Marty Haugen, GIA Publications, Chicago.
“We Are Called,” by David Haas, GIA Publications, Chicago.
“You Are the Healing,” by Scott Soper, OCP Publications, Portland, OR.
[INDENT]This prayer service is adapted from Prayers for Peace and Justice: Act Justly, Love Tenderly, Walk Humbly, by Edward F. Gabriele; Prayers for the Sick, Liturgy Training Publications; Model Catholic Caregiving Service, National Family Caregivers Association.
As we celebrate the jubilee year 2000, we recall that jubilee is about the restoration of the world, the year of God’s grace. The church in this jubilee year honors healthcare workers.
[INDENT]Sr. Barbara McMullen,CDP, senior associate, Sponsor Services, Catholic Health Association, St. Louis[/INDENT][/INDENT]
“Prayer Service,” a regular department in Health Progress, may be copied without prior permission.

Copyright © 2000 by the Catholic Health Association of the United States
For reprint permission, contact Betty Crosby or call (314) 253-3477.
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Remember that nursing isn’t a job it’s a calling. Also remember that until God says that your time is up, you are going nowhere. If you really believe that PPE and shots are what is keeping you alive, look for the story of a 104 year old who was cured from Covid and then the doctors who have died after taking the shot. What will protect pregnant women who can’t get the shot? Have more faith in God and stop being too judgemental. The first nurse I encountered in my life was like these women. Not like you who wants me to be humbled but you brag that you get paid 10 times what local nurses get. Is that Christian? Nursing isn’t a career, it’s a calling. The nurses below don’t get paid at all, but I doubt that you are as radiant as they are because they have ultimate reward and compensation a chance to be a conduit for God’s love and healing. I love nuns so much. During these pandemic, may this be their portion

Genesis 15:01(NKJV) After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Abram. I [am] your Shield, yourexceedingly Great Reward.”

I been admitted twice to hospital in my life. As a child and about 20 years back for a small procedure . I thank God for good health . The last time I met petty, bitch, catty lay nurses. Who do the work for the money not because they take it as a way of being God’s care for humanity. Watch this its so inspiring.

BTW about my selfish heart and nature. I have a moslem workmate and in the first days of my interactions with her, she told me if all Christians were like you…

So one time she was ill and I went to see her and found her filling bottles of water for alot of kids of a nearby school. I asked her kwani umefungua shule? She told me I’m trying to be like you. I actually think of selflessness as a weakness because it makes you suffer, when you see a homeless person or child your heart drops and there’s no way you can help them all even in you are Geff Benzos or Bill Gates but it’s just someone’s nature. You never stop feeling sad when you see someone suffering. You never get used to it like most people do. Even if you decide, in a few weeks you will just be back to it. My mom calls me humanitarian and everyone will tell you oh you have a big heart, you are so good in the heart, one lady told me it’s because I don’t have kids but I know people who have children who are just so kindhearted and generous. I guess it’s just in someone’s nature and like a leopard you can’t change your spots, even if you wanted to even if you tried. You will get angry when people are not as selfless as you are and the funny thing with God is that He will put you around people who are the opposite. I have tried so hard to be more of selfish person, I am telling you as much as it a liability to me, I want to be a selfish person so much but I just can’t bcz it’s my nature that God created me with. It’s terrible. You have no idea. When you see a child eating out of a bin your heart sinks. Other people don’t even notice. It’s hard. Me I can’t even go to those helping professions bcz I would be depressed all the time seeing people suffering like that all the time. It’s terrible to have a soft. A terrible fate you would not wish on your worst enemy. So when someone tells me that I am selfish am like YES at least I am improving. I don’t want to imagine what Jesus went through being among suffering people every day and He has the biggest and softest hearts of all no wonder He would wake up early in the morning go up the mountain and start wailing. It’s hard being a selfless person. Very hard. I just wish I could wake up one day and I see those street kids and I don’t feel anything. Just one day. Not two. I wish you knew how much I want to be a selfish person. Anyway it’s my nature what can I do. I’ve tried my whole life to change, I’m telling you I can’t. God my prayer is I want to be more selfish and not to have such a soft heart. Please. Let me be selfish woiye.

I for one said that I won’t get vaccinated before my mom does. Let me struggle with covid-19 symptoms, but God knows, someone else is more vulnerable than I am and needs it more than I do, until my time comes.

Those are Kenyans for you. We rant about a thieving government while what we lack is an opportunity to steal. What depravity is this that someone can come here to brag about something shameful like that? And the mother congratulates her that “ameweza” . It’s a case of the fish rotting from the head I guess.

Lad I get you but at the end of the day the people spreading it are the young people- so called super spreaders. So those ones need the jab too before they unknowingly infect the old people. So wakuchanjwa wachanjwe.

Lass here. The order of priority should be the elderly and vulnerable people though, until such a time we have enough vaccines.

I am not a religious person but the way you are spinning sounds even worse. Ati seeing God in the details? In your treachery? The invisible hand of God helped you to do something so shameful?

What you did takes a lot of craftiness and Machiavellian calculations. Now you are taking this a notch higher by trying to rope God in such deliberate acts?

Someone once said that, [SIZE=5]“better to be known as a sinner than a hypocrite” [/SIZE] which is why I always respect unapologetic sinners than those who use God/religion to peddle their bullshit.

Kwanza this post has made me so mad. Ati God reserved that post for me and only for me. Jesus Christ, your narcissistic and solipsistic imperative knows no boundaries.

Yaani such purposeful actions emanating from your own free will have to be writ-large in God’s deterministic plans?

Aii jameni. Stop amplifying every simple/trivial action as having been divinely ordained by God.

Was your mom vaccinated? Me my parents Yaani it landed like this heh they were on it. My mom and her big sister got it in the first hours it got to Aga Khan, my cousin called them, kujeni chap chap. I think they were the first 10. After that I have not had any peace, I had to do it to get my mom off my back. I don’t even care now, I don’t know if the drive is still on but as usual Kenyans love last minute rushes I hear the first weeks the nurses were idle even in mashinane they’re still not taking it, my aunt has a pacer and her son had to nag the hell out of her for her to go and there are no lines there it’s 5 minutes and you are done.

I was scheduled for the week of 12th April but I don’t know if they’ll be stocks by then I’m going for some other stuff so I will know then if the vaccination is still on. So in the next 21 days is the next and last doze and we can forget about that mambo. And then after keeping yourself in lock down you go to stand with so many people with no social distancing. I think that is when I was realizing that I haven’t been to a hospital or clinic for like a year coz hospitals are considered hot zones. The annoying thing is being locked down over Easter and then you can’t even go out to eat. I don’t know anymore. I never knew the value of freedom and good health until this thing came. The worst thing is the deaths. Every day a prominent person is dead. It’s become like kawaida now. This is a very hard life. Very hard. May God bring a swift end to these thing. Even at work it’s like you are in jail, you check in, you stay indoors and just order in you don’t want to even go window shopping bcz you want to keep distance. It’s like being in jail. I think I’m going to start looking for memoirs of people who have been in jail coz I don’t think I can find one for people who have been through a pandemic. Anyway we thank God for seeing us through because people are still dying even after the vaxx so it’s not a guarantee or a panacea. We take vaccines and meds but it’s only God who cures and gives good health. If 104 woman made and 20 yr Olds have died? What can we say? Let the perfect will of God be done.

To you its trivial but to me I appreciate everything good that comes my way as a gift from God. Even when it’s not so good for example one day I went to an mpesa and I gave the mpesa agent the number of the person I was sending it to as a deposit to my number. I felt like I have been giving them too much business. In the evening I left my purse, which I never do so I didn’t have cash or my cards or enough money on the mpesa to pay for what I was buying so what I did I called someone to go in my desk and get cash from my purse and deposit it to his number then he sends it to my phone. So it was the same mpesa agent and the I spent between the mpesa transfer to my phone and paying for the stuff was exactly the commission I fleeced the mpesa agent when I deposited the cash directly to the person I was sending it to. So to me that was God telling me that He won’t me to get away with such treachery and so I never repeated it.

And I am still insisting that the entire sequence of events was ordered by God bcz even the mahindi lady I found at the line who had a doctors card was rejected by the lady who was very tough ati Sijui its not frm KMPDB. So after waking up at 3am and subjecting her 1.5 yr old baby to that morning cold that mama denied her entry.

I didn’t allow myself into the section where the stuff was being done. All what I did was I avoided the problematic mama and went to another lady who I doubt if she was supposed to be giving people permission to go in and she could clearly see I wasn’t the age group and the ID dates show the age as 68. When she asked me how old I am I told her 60,when she asked where I was issued the card coz I hadn’t studied I said Meru then when she looked at me waiting for another answer I said Kibera which was a guess but it was right, she asked me Kibera where I told her it was a long time ago I don’t remember. I mean the whole time she could see very clearly that the ID wasn’t mine but she just kept humoring me interrogating me or is it Vetting me. At the end of the day she had the power to tell me no because clearly nothing was adding up and clearly there was no way I could pass for a 50 year old let alone a 68 year old. I gave the wrong age different from what was on the ID so she let me in. And she was actually laughing as her boss was too busy arguing with the Indian doctor. So to you what do you think that was luck, sympathy or God bcz at the end of the day my gig was up, it was upto the Vetting people to let me in or not. Before her I spoke to another guy who was also there and he did not even look at anything bcz other people were having physical documents, I didn’t even have my handbag all I had was my phone and car keys. So the guy had told me he’ll get me in but upon seeing how his boss the crazy lady alikuwa ameshika nare denying 3 quarters of the people entry, he was afraid of getting into trouble, he was like that’s my boss Sijui she is the one who is Vetting people if I let you in without her go ahead you know those weak weak men, kwanza there were some 2 boys and a girl who were first, and the mama immediately she saw them that’s where her mood started deteriorating rapidly. Anyway once the coward chickened out, I was to hell, who is next person I can talk to besides the bad mathe who was too busy canceling people from the line, looking at their documents and shouting, I just pitad Kati Kati Yao Kalonzo because the people in front of me and immediately behind me were all refused entry so as she was busy arguing with them and temperatures were busy rising huko I quickly sneaked to other lady b4 the mad one could finish up with the group she had refused entry so I was even harakisharing the other lady least Mrs Iddi Amin finished with the rejected group and catches up with me. Because kwanza those over 58 were lumped in one group and of course I couldn’t be in that group coz itd be a dead giveaway even if I had the physical ID which I did not. And btw the protocol is not to allow anyone without a physical ID bcz even if you go in you need your own ID to register which I didn’t have and I wasn’t going to go back to the car alafu I am caught at the entrance after escaping the first time, so I showed the registering lady the photo of own ID on my phone coz I couldn’t use my mom’s ID to register, so she was like we sasa ulifikaje hapa bila ID, I just ignored and showed her the ID on the phone, then I got what I came for and left which was just few minutes, so I looked for the lady who let me in at least I tell her thank you she was nowhere and even the other guy was nowhere, now it was Mama Idi amin like a crocodile meaning the gate like it’s a gateway to becoming a covid millionaires, so I said, thanks God you put the woman there she helped me and left, it was an angel you sent me to help me. So actually there’s no way I got in other than by the grace of God coz I didn’t bribe anyone and people who even had documents and were there even on the previous day didn’t get. What is that if it’s not God.

God was there when Esaus birthright was being exchanged by the mother’s cunning, He was there when Joseph was being sold to Egypt by his brothers, when Moses was becoming an Egyptian prince. So clearly God is not as simplistic in His thinking as you imagine him to be. He still blessed Jacob even after conning his own brother, so if you are not happy with this situation, maybe you can have a chat with God and ask Him why He allowed me to get through when even people who were there denied entry by that crocodile of a woman, she was shouting until even men back off. Talk to Him for an explanation but thanks God for sorting me out, I know you had marked that vaccine specifically for me and that is why I went through hell and high water like Moses in the basket of reeds and the crocodile never caught me. God is great I am telling you. You can have no document and you leave the ones with documents to be chased. It’s nothing but the favor of the Lord. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord. Through thick and thin I crossed the river successfully. People had some very elaborate tricks. Even that mama she didn’t look to me like a doctor which doctor is that who hasn’t gotten a vaccine until now. I think they just made up a badge wee they were busted. It was a sad moment but watapata tuu at their appointed time. Wale muko na Malalamishi mafeelings Peleka Hague. Many are the plans of men but it is the purpose of the Lord that prevails. Nimeona mkono wa Bwana in a very big way this week and I give Him all the honor and the glory. Nyinyi shindeni hapo. Covid Critics.

Jameni hii notes yote nani atasoma

Capote you have proved to be nothing but a fraudulent, conniving low life. Halafu you have the nerve to quote scripture. Shame on you.

Such a sad day in KT.