Sisi Wakenya tuna ubinafsi sana…selffish…ndiyo maana ni ngumu hata kupata ardhi…na those riches ni wao kila siku tu…sisi wengine hatugrow. Angalia hata artist wetu…wapo wapo tu…check watz wakina diamond…rayvanny wanavyomake money…Mkenya hata ku subscribe youtube channel yako ukiaanzisha hafanyi…Roho mbaya.
Kenya has gdp of 75USD BILLIONS, TZ 68USD BILLIONS, But Tz kuna riches than here, why because of what sisi maselffish ni wengi mno.


Huh ! ! !

Kelele mingi watu wanaishi Kibera na Kula githeri

Hio comparison ina shida kidogo

Mmefukuzwa jamii forum ama ni magufuli ameifunga

Magufuli anahusikaje hapa bibie?

what is jamii forum Aunt


Author of this thread sounds like an illiterate Tanzanian


Tanzanian billionaires si ni kama tu middle class Kenyan.

Have you ever attended classes? They are all $ millionaires, au njaa imeharibu ubongo wako

Tell me which which is better, between the two scenarios
1.Being literate with nice English proficiency but no money, poverty and slum dwelling

2.Being Illiterate with $ in bank Acount, whith decent house, Car and beautiful wife…

Kama Elimu yako haikusaidii kutengeneza pesa you are just a wastage of time mzee, I’d rather stay Illiterate.

  1. You are pressed over our English proficiency. Hii kitu huwasumba sana.
  2. There is rampant poverty and slums too in your country but we don’t need to ever talk about it because we don’t give a flying fucc about anything that happens in your country. Nyinyi endeleeni kufuatilia mambo zetu


Hahahaha, kazi kweli.

English proficiency?? Have you ever heard of a UK citizen speaking Swahili? They way they sound funny?
That’s the same way all of Native africans sound when they speak English to a native English speaker.
Halafu about poverty, I agree, Tz is poor, third world country but here life is much more easier, easy to make and a reason we don’t cook stones here and fight for food aid to death kama Kenya[ATTACH=full]302701[/ATTACH]

Haha look at this idiot. You obviously do not understand the underlying factor that leads to that. Nairobi is on lockdown, businesses are shut. Majority of slum dwellers work in the informal sector or in industrial area. They work for wages and at this particular period they cannot earn a living. Your teachers must have a hard time over there. Naelewa mbona masomo imewalemea.

Mbona nyinyi Majamaa WA Ubongo think everything is just about competition. Recently there was a post painting your country in good light. You didn’t comment but have the guts to come diarrhea verbally on this one

Not true man, We know that Kenya always receives food aids, bila Corona, with corona always, the only middle income that majority dies of hunger. Na hata kama ingekuwa hiyo ni case, that was another big reason for you to swallow your pride.