Single Parents due to separation


Westernization mingi & basic rules of partnership are being violted: Infidelity, nonesubmission from the female species, chain reaction influence from singo matha friends of those who are in marriages, a bit of feminism and of course kunguru hafugiki

Siku hizi people also rush into relationships without taking time to know their partners well…along the way unagundua incompatibility iko pale ni serious.

Alafu someone misadvised awa wamama juu waliacha ‘kuvumilia juu ya watoto’ na skuizi wanasonga na upepo

The MGTOW gang kupata new members

Marriege is a conservative ideology, millenials wanafaa kuita hio union merger tu

Ama handshake

:smiley: :smiley: mmeamua kukojolea bbi, issorait

Whats weird ni most breakups I know are from church weddings I know about 5 of close people ! Hizi zetu za mafefe aka come we stay zina endelea , I guess getting to know someone b4 commiting is always a big plus , hii maneno ya kanisa and you have never lived or screwed for atleast a year or 2 is playing with fire , ur sused to seeing each other at your best !

Phrases and concerns of a Talker. Dr. Kingori must be one. Ama anacopy posts huku.

:D:D:D:D:D… Mgtow tuko stronger than ever!!!

Wasichana wameviba kichwa. Hubwa ya mtu ushide ukiitafutie alafu jioni ikuletee ghasia za feminsim after watching some stupid show on daytime tv. No real man will allow his life to ruled by tv. Unayembeza kiatu unaacha kungiru ikaishi na feminaz wa tv

…its a trend I’ve noted. Not a good one though.

Mashoga are coming out too

1 year is short…kaa na yeye 2years pea yeye mimba then go see her parents after 3years. Formalise the relationship after 4years. That was my rulebook

That’s too short. Formalize after 10-15 years when none of you is going anywhere

we are moving towards the era of jogoo na miera lifestyle…wanaume watakua wanapandana tu na kuwachia mwera vifaranga alee.


Lest we not forget…

Effects of the lockdown, you had to stay indoors with your partner and find out the effects of the new world on them. Many are trying to hang on but there will be even more separation, as people get sacked daily or have a decrease in income. when there is no more stability in the union or she feels that she is suffering because you are driving them to poverty or back to it, she will jump ship.

There is a simple solution to this problem, people should stop this nonsense of living or staying together hapo ndio shida iko (kuzoeana vibaya), rent a house for your wife and kids and have a man cave for yourself. Two days in a week is enough ya kutemeblea khupipi na kumpandilia na kumonitor watoi. 5 days za wiki tumia kupiga hustle yako bila interference

this sound like a pretty cool idea…juu kuna wakati you just need to be alone and do your shit bila any interference.