Single Parents due to separation

Story of my life…my dad used to do the exact same thing and it worked like magic(of course both my parents worked in different places)…hii mambo ya kukaa pamoja mnazoeana ndio inaleta shida(familiarity brings contempt)

There is nothing like familiarity bringing contempt

Humans will continue paying the price for an increase in immorality (copying US culture) and marrying women who are not virgins (you’ll realize it’s women initiating those separation whether directly or indirectly)

The other five days bibi amepandiliwa na wanaume wengine watatu plus mmoja ako na ukedi alafu wewe na freedom yako mnakunywa arvs for the next 10 years before meningitis or tb imemaliza wewe before age 50.


The modern woman is untameable…lakini tafuta kienyeji alafu you make sure mmeishi mbali na tao…you will enjoy your marriage and your woman

Buda hii perception ya kudhania kilà mwanamke ni malaya is self-destructive… there’s is a lot of good women out there…just find a woman who cares about you and you will stop being bitter

Finding a woman who cares for you is a matter of trial and error, as long you will marry past college and the same woman is also out of college (which almost everyone does because of job stability)

You never know her history, her true colors and that time you’re courting her even if it’s 2 years, she’ll just be good to hook the good guy and marry him

But marriage is a long journey. She will soon miss her whoring and partying days.

She will also find out she is totally incompatible with a stable non-drama guy (if you’re one)

Malaya will not allow you to kula dry fry and neither will you conciously dry fry willingly because you know better but guess who you won’t think twice about it? Your lovely wife whom you see once a week. Look I’m not saying all women are lanyez I’m just emphasizing the fact that we’re all human and in need of sex as a basic need and to mitigate risks that come with this need we invented marriage because goddamn the world is a cruel place.

I find your reasoning to be bizarre. Women (not hoes) don’t go around opening their legs to any tom, dick, and harry. To them sex is emotional, there has to be that connection. A wife that is well taken care off and the kids needs well met will have no reason to jeopardize that. Think beyond your nose

And you’re certain of this blanket perception of women because you are one? Women are also individual autonomous human beings capable of making their own choices whenever and wherever they please… remember they’re empowered now, no more the women they were pre-feminism when they’d be tied down just because wameolewa.

Wrong my friend…hata kienyeji zinaelewa monkey branching…utacheswo huta amini.
Ka una marry weh oa tu roho safi but kaa ridho.