Politics affects us all, but as we tear into and at each other, if we let it ruin our lives and country we’re fucked.

Aye Aye, Sir. We are fucked up alright!!!

@introvert … Have one WD whatever on me.

Hio ng’ombe ya RWNEBP ni Itumbi na huyo anacollect meffi kwa bidii ni @Nattydread

Which part of you should I stand on as I drink? :D:D

Politics are very emotive, Baba Onyi, immediately we pull out of this fix Kenyan politics will change with exit of the Kenyatta and Odinga’s dynasties

:D:D:D:D Hapo kwa Itumbi ni ukweli kabisa

Are you kidding right now? You think Muhoho appeared on the campaigns with Ruto as his PA ?

How in God’s name do you partake your drink?
I cannot even come up with a good retort…sigh.

political grooming at its best

Na huyo ni wewe unachota meffi bomb kwa balloon.

Now I have a son called Onyi?
Wild oats tamalisa mimi.


Crayon bandit wacha hizo. Mimi huwa objective saa yote.

Nyinyi wote ni n’gombe. Patieni mimi hii nchi miaka tano ni-ifanyie repair.

Kalia diff wacha maswali mingi.

haitwi @Nattydread anaitwa Natychieth… hehehhe

He might join, but with time, he can’t manage to hold the whole community at ransom, the same way Moi’s son are unnoticeable in Rift Valley. With Raila gone, Kikuyus will be more than willing to elect another presidential candidate from other regions after Ruto. Hope you know the reasons as to why they shy away from him is his supporters and the dire need to protect their property.
In Nyanza, politics of reason will reign, you must admit that there is no democracy in Nyanza, the leaders elected are not the will of the people but Raila’s staunch donors, why was there resentments during nominations, the will of the people was not honoured.
So my point is, maybe after the exit of these dynasties, political wind will sweep the country.
Remember Kenyans are learning very fast, and they are basing their rights in the ballot box judging from what leaders what done for them. Let’s engage soberly, you are one bright chap

:D:D hapo labda GOT blinged bossom. Nasikia VC ako na title Deed ya huko kwingine.

Ati what? The illusion of full delusion.

Niliona hiyo bossom mahali iko na stamp ya KEBS.