Lazima turuse mawe

:D:D:D:D ati mechanica meffi.
Asubuhi niliona umeitwa mechanica ulefi!

i totally agree on this. If you sample the jubilee strongholds you will notice that almost all incumbents lost their seats to new comers which shows how people have become engaged with the ballot in making their voice heard. It might not be now but a time is coming when the will of the people will carry the day

Ile ng’ombe inaitwa @It’s Le Scumbag ilibatisa mimi.
Saitan yeye.

These GOT blinged titties( Leo kwanza its a wolf pendant) are 100% natural…no silicon there so if you were stand on them,you would wobble and fall.:D:D:D

Hand stand bas.
In my spare time I’m an acrobat hapo Kencom.

@introvert posted a neutral cartoon to try and inject some reason here, but it didn’t take 5 responses before you personalised it by mentioning me.

Now fucking get this:

Muhoho is alive and willing to learn his father’s job (yes, it is work). His sister too accompanies the FLORK regularly. Uhuru, Margaret and WSR are busy handing over the baton.

In contrast, Fidel is dead and we are stil waiting for the ‘family pathologist’ to tell us how. His sister is in a wheelchair, driven to a stroke at a young age by who knows what pressures. Their father was caught on camera the other day telling teenagers that he wanted to see their mothers and sisters shedding their underwear during public protests. Their mother is practically invisible, so we do not know what her opinion on all this is (although Safaricom’s letter mentioned her as one of the offshore account holders to whom Paybill funds were transferred) .

I have no doubt that our present crisis - repeating an election for absolutely no reason, is Raila’s fault. Despite a skewed judiciary and countless press conferences accusing 100 entities of robbing him, he knows that he lost and will lose again, hence the efforts to puncture the ball and plough the field to prevent a rematch.

We on the RWNBP side are preparing to beat him again, vote by vote. Hopefully after that, he will read the writings on the wall and see that even God has been sending him signals: taking away potential inheritors of his evil brand of politics.

(Pole Crayonman, but some things cannot be left unsaid).

Enyewe hatuwezi kaa a weekend without this UOTP and RWNBPK arguments?

Not really, News and politics makes the most traffic, ndio inanukisha kitunguu Rwnbp and Uotp brigade

Oh boy.

Raila Odinga will win in a fair contest on 26th,but even if he doesn’t Kenya is not short of young firebrand leaders that can be nurtured by him to take his place in his absence and lead the revolutionary agenda of saving Kenya from the fangs of uthamaki greed. It does NOT have to be Rosemary or Fidel Odinga (RIP).Look around and you’ll see them.

Your fellow Jubilee guys are looking forward and hoping for the days beyond a Kenyatta in the Kikuyu leadership equation while you’re heaping praises on a teen who cannot even speak Swahili,are Kikuyus that desperate? Are leaders that scarce in that region? Is a name all that it takes for you ? When does your family and the rest of the hoi polloi get a chance at it ? Despite the blatant incompetence witnessed with Uhuru,your brainwashed and miserable self is switched to believe that it has to be a Kenyatta and it’s really unfortunate,for someone known for bashing Luos cos of the assumed Odinga ball and chain.


Debe ndiyo itaamua, the rest is your usual JaKuonist pigeon-holing and victimhood.

Btw. in 2002, Uhuru’s Kiswahili was considered hopeless, and JaKuon expected Moi to anoint him his heir. Look at what eventually happened.


:D:D:D:D:D:D Noma!!

Politics are at sickening level, even in PSVs mtu akitaka kukupigia story anaanza politics, asubuhi ukipea mdosi morning briefs anaanza politics, driver pia anaanza politics, it reaches a time when you pretend to be dead and dumb.

Pot and kettle. Do luos know anything other than odingaism??

Enyewe maana ya jina ‘objective’ ilibadilika…so sad. It is impossible to use the word objective and scrotumyard in the same sentence.
Lastly, wewe ni meffi.

Look!..a very objective piece of shit right there!
Lastly, RWNEEEBPORK. I thought I should remind the most objective villager on K-talk.


I guess its time I started patenting my utterances. @introvert now you take up a moniker and make it yours.
Your friend @amun stole The Frying Squad tag…