Sex timetable

Guys i appreciate your previous responses on my posts. Apparently my new marriage is starting on a bad patch.Wife after just concluded honeymoon has put sex timetable in the bedroom.Sex will be there after five consecutive days i come home from work before 7pm. Yesterday i was late by five mins (7.05pm)she had to start again the counting.
Help guys am genuine

Lanyes! Lanyes are there brother!

Niatia murume?

That is staple food for me! Na mboches, kumwaga utamwaga tu and life goes on!!

Unajua kencom? Opposite kuna place inaitwa Sabina joy. Huko 300bob will get you a Kuma+room+condom. If you belong to my social caste, then let’s meet at Gill house entrance I show you where dignified men do oil change at 1500/- only VAT inclusive.

Huyo amepewa coaching na makena…hautaweza:D:D:D. sasap utaambiea ununue roses na upike supper.

Variety good there ama?


Yes sir

I will visit soon

ulitombewa bibi kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaambo

Kwanza 5 days, Five damn days without the pussy being eaten???

fahamu uko msee kando anapea service.

Fantasy problems.

How do u even accept a sex timetable

cant relate

Good question!

Kumbe kutombewa bibi is real

She is silently telling you you are not worthy of sex with her. Kwani unasoma 8-4-4 mpaka umepewa timetable? Sweet fulfilling sex is spontaneous

For her to even think about coming up with a sex timetable,she must have seen how weak you are.