Sex timetable

this is a dustbin marriage

letea yeye msaidizi. Kwani iko nini!


But i also think it is a fake story.

Trolls trolls everyday

You are yet to see it all. It is just but the beginning.

Wewe sasa hizi zako ni vako na hatutaishi hivi nanii

Mkikula hizi lanyes hamuogopangi ukedi nanii? On a serious note.

Why does she think she’s the only one with pussy?

Huyo pipi ni mchinga sana. Baada ya kum-oa miaka mbili, thinking about fucking her will be an uphill task. Itakuwa inafika 4 days, you intentionally get late on the 5th juu hutaki. Lakini ukiona ya nje inastretch hadi kwa magoti. After year 2, men bother only to fcuk their wives for procreation, and to keep peace in the house ( yes, they bicker wakiwa dryspell). Now you know.

vumilia tu… ndoa sio rahisi… jikaze tu man!!!

Show her this video
She will compose

Mwambie that eat you must eat… Only that she has the privilege to determine where you eat

Nyonga monkey or get a clandestine, you’re suffering this early?

Timetable ya kukulana bana iyo ni criminality

are u sure u have a wife ama a school principal:D:D

What a disciplined real man would do:

For four weeks in a row, come in time for consecutive times and be late in the fifth day (Friday). Ignore her through the weekend, like a man taking his punishment with pride.

On the fifth week, come generously in time all the way to Friday, and then turn down your ‘reward’. Ignore any overtures, compliments, prodding and lingerie. (Remember, I prescribed discipline.)

By Monday, you can come home at 9:30 and decide whether to please the tyrant or continue to make her think that you have found an external solution to your problem.:smiley:

Gill House is just next to my stage,kila time nikipanda na kushuka gari nafikiria tu vile Chiefguest ana wakalisha huko ndani… tupatane apo kwa entrance one of these days

You need to join red peels to teach you how to manipulate women into having sex with you out of fear since it’s obvious that you are a lousy fuck and that having sex with you has become a chore to your wife just like cleaning the toilet.Sex timetable comes in when your wife hates having sex with you bcz you can’t make her cum but bcz she needs you for other reasons she must just have sex with you.

Alternatively go read books on how to make a woman cum. Kuna moja with half a paw paw on the cover don’t recall the title. Women love sex more than men, problem is men do not make them cum. Even if it is you would you be having sex with s1 who can never make you cum but just expects sex from you bcz it’s their conjugal right. If you make your wife cum she’s the one who will be begging you for sex all the time. But I don’t think you are capable of a giving a woman an orgasm so please join the red pit.

Or offer to pay her money for sex since there’s nothing in it for her. No human being can refuse to do something that is beneficial to them. If you don’t give orgasms then motivate her by incentives like money, like in a job, pple work at jobs they hate to do for money.