Sensitive Teeth

Finally, the doc told me the truth. Im an old fossil that has been brushing with a hard brush for far too long! Enamel imeisha kwa meno!

My complaints have been ati I cant enjoy my tipple… hata ka-guiness kamoja. You cant eat anything that needs chewing… and anything thats a degree below/above 1°C of your body temperature, its not good. Ongeza acidic or pressurized drinks.

Cure hakuna, its all the way down to removing all those mollars ukue kibogoyo.

Thatha ketho… nitathema niliwaambia kwa vile thina meno…

You were at the docs usiku Wa manane

Wah! Pole sana …so you start saving for dentures? Once your enamel is destroyed, it cannot come back. In the meantime use fluoride containing toothpaste to preserve what enamel is left.

Thenthitive ithius

Utakua @Kigui kibogoyo.

thigui thibogoyo

waah. pole sana mzee. uko Na miaka ngapi @Kigui?

Officially wewe ni mtu wa kamituu sasa

hata moja haijang’oka. Chida ni kutafuna mandadthi hapa kijini. Chai moto haitakikani. Hata phombe baridi.

Saa ingine masaa hazifanani. Hours might be beyond reach

You should brush your teeth regularly.

i thmell a good bj giver



Just discovered this sensodine toothpaste. Im now using it to top-up after brushing using ordinary toothpaste. Mambo siyo mbaya sana.

Avoid overbrushing your teeth.

:D:D:D na hiyo thenthitive teeth?

thoft gumth

thihihihi…thikilia mimi

thith thread made me thoooooo horny for a thekthy empty mouth … thuch thmooth gumth

Just use the sensodine exclusively alone then see how it goes.

The dentitht thaid I follow thothe inthructionth thtictly :D:D:cool: