Sensitive Teeth

tho now you’re thaying there wont be blow jobth?

i’m tho tho thad. i wath already removing my vundu

Been meaning to reply to @Kigui when I spotted this thread. You will need the services of a Periondontist for a while to come. It will cost you though but to avoid losing more teeth in years to come you will need to see one. Make it ASAP and thank after the 1st consultation and exray and all that.
Gum disease is not just caused by a hard brush. Wee enda.

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Do you have a good one you can vouch for? I have been thinking of getting rid of all of them and fixing dentures :eek: ! Hii chida ni mbaya. Thatha nielethe :D:D:D

Thatha thi thenthitive teeth itakutana na thenthitive ninii… alafu thiangaliane tu! Alafu thenthitive teeth looses 10-0! Thipendi!

[SIZE=1]thambutha ith good for you[/SIZE]

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Too crunchy :mad:

I like thoftie thioftie now. Mùthuri egūkūra arīaga njaū!

Come I put crown on your teeth na sensitivity ita isha