SCOK Full ruling... The 6-0.

The supreme court say that Raila Odinga’s withdrawal and that his letter of withdrawal only showed intent and was not legally binding.
Justice Smokin Wanjala said that the constitution does not contemplate withdrawal from an elections.
The supreme court judges said that the nomination was not the substance of nullification and therefore there was no need to conduct fresh nominations.
The court says that the withdrawal of Raila Odinga was a mere intention and therefore did not have any legal effect on the elections. The judges were of the opinion that withdrawal does not not constitute a reason for an election to be postponed.
On the question of fresh nominations, the judge said that the IEBC was not at fault for excluding some parties, and that here was no need for fresh nominations for the October 26 repeat presidential election.
The Wafula Chebukati led commission ‘was within the law to announce results of the Presidential election despite lack of participation from 25 constituencies where boycott, and politically instigated violence was reported,’ the court has ruled.
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I for one am grateful @mkiawakati96 for this update. Good ruling. Means rat cannot plant a candidate to withdraw or unleash his goons to prevent voting just to avoid a thrashing in future

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From the update I highlighted the key points that the SC needed to close in on all the loopholes that this election has taught us.


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Who was that elderly kamzungu at the tail end who was trying to say something and Maraga cut him off by telling him he couldn’t be allowed to tell the court what should have been done?

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Point nzito nzito, these were some of the fundamental questions, that dominated this forum before the repeat election. Atleast, violence have been ruled out in future.
6-0, hio ni dalili ya kutii mwito wa CIC, wame bow down. Reality have sunk down. And logic have won.