SCOK Full ruling... The 6-0.

Very intelligent judgment but still a matter of common sense.
You don’t instigate violence, threaten election officials, prevent voting then come around to claim this and that number of constituencies didn’t vote therefore the elections weren’t legitimate.
Who confers or determines whether an election was legitimate?
Definitely not one of the contestants and in our case one who has done everything within their powers to derail the elections.

What now?!!!


…this upholds the election as legal and the presidency legitimate. Case closed.

Baba amepigwo sweep na RKO

Told ya! Julie Soweto alikua anatoa mnyambo wa punda, how could she say that it does not matter who caused the violence? And that other one quoting a press statement by Akombe till Smokin shut her up with law of evidence 101, that it was not a sworn affidavit.

So History textbooks will read that Raila got 1%+50?

…stop hitting the man is already on the ground.


Serves them modafokas right!!! Good job Njoki

That’s what unfortunately his great grandchildren will read. This other nonsense about having solely fought for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th liberation and having delivered the 2010 constitution (which he’s now actively trashing) will die down very fast once he’s down.

Njoki Nding’u owned the bench last time, and she has just reminded them that their job is about justice, not politics.

Kweli He/She who laughs last laughs loudest. I remember when Akombe resigned, hatukua tunaeza pumua hapa coz team UOTP were jizzing all over the place. Njoki Ndung’u was called names after the 8/8 nullification but sahii she’s like ‘muahahahaha! I have the last laugh.’

Hakuna rioting this time round after the full reading of the ruling?

Sande kwa hayo machache

Wacha machungu, nugu

this full judgement in my case is very inconsequential UR is the kenyan president