SAMIDOH come clean


Samidoh acknowledges involvement with Karen nyamu

Mzito future alisema “If she catch me cheating I will never tell her sorry”


Kunguru ni kunguru tu ata ukulane aje uko nje ukiomba msamaha ataku forgive tu

oh wow i didnt know he was trying to set a good example

Gosh. Is she really normal?

Amesamehewa na wamama :D:D:D

Na watu hapa wamesema marrying your first love from high school is the sure path to marital bliss.

Not so fast.

Who are these

Who cares

Samidoh claims he has never experienced heartbreak because he has only been in a relationship with his wife. Hii Karen Nyamu inakaa wale “go-getters”, aliona kijana shy akaingiza yeye box haraka sana. Hapa mujamaa amejiingiza kwa ngori at least for the next 18 years. The woman sounds crazy.

With time bibi ata chapa alafu huku nje unapata kunguru more fun and attractive than your boring vanilla sex wife.

That woman has intentions. She even continues to post conversation screenshots. Samidoh’s goose is cooked. No way to get out of this mud.
If I knew him personally, I’d have sent him this.


Jua wazito wa cendro, ghaseer
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No kumbe pia bibi alidinywa

Uyo Karen ni predator. Rev. Shannon anafaa kuweka the good sarge viboko. How this guy thought he could tame that lass is unfathomable.

Ile child support inakuja his way. Wacha tu.
Samidoh will become a slave to this biatch, unless he agrees to marry her as a second wife.