Villagers I need your help. There are these guys whom you call and their phones are ever on voice mail but they call you immediately. Yaani you cannot call them but they can call you in short they get a notification that you tried calling them.
Saidia jamaneni,hii Ni uchawi gani wanatumia? Ama there is a way to set your calls that way?


Kwani umenunua simu last month?

Nilipewa jana

Divert all your calls to 0722199199.


Sande Wacha nijaribu

*21# potea, #21# patikana. make sure uko na 620722199199# ya I tried calling you ndio update message kama umepotea

Hizi vitu hata mimi sikuwa najua

Hio trick make sure Gps location off, data off only thing that can trace you ni mast yenye simu inasend transmission to. Better used by a burner phone ka mulika mwizi za kitambo akina Nokia na kabambe calculators

Pewa mbili mboss

Pole sana Sammy Wainaina…With time you’ll become a wizard in such things…

Who the F are you?

Or ‭**002*0722199199#‬ activation
‭##002#‬ deactivation

If GPS na data ziko on, how will they or even Safcom track you?

@Deorro sitajibu iyo. Your smart enough.

kuna vile mimi sielewi hii maneno ndio maana nauliza, ningenguwa najua singekuuliza

ama divert all calls to 0722122122

You phone is a two way radio. Whenever its on, it periodically connects to the nearest base station and exchanges requisite parameters so that you can always make and recieve calls. You can even travel across multiple base stations while talking on your phone. Safcom can track your sorry ass any time, using triangulation. So long as your phone is on. It doesnt matter kama ni boiler, smart or Drump phone.

Even when it’s off, it can still be traced. Same for computers.

How? Please educate me. When a device status os off, it means the battery isnt supplying any power.