Not necessarily, a good agency can send a trojan to your phone, sasa ukizima, the Trojan keeps sending signals to the towers hata kama screen iko black. This only happens if bado hujatoa battery kabisa. You’ll think umezima simu but it’s lowkey on. NSA did it kitaaambo.

For computers, the CMOS battery does the trick. Ata utoe cable, it’s still on.

I guess stone age seems a better time after all:D

If you are a big fish enough for intelligence agencies to go after, you better retain services of a good security consultancy. If someone with malicious intent has physical access to your device, youre toasted. Hii ingine ya drive by shooting like phising only gets fools.

Yes. But if you dig a bit on WikiLeaks documents with regards to Kenya and how it’s tied to spyware agencies, you’ll get a bit of a shock to learn that anyone is at risk. If a simple Stagefright virus can cripple any android phone, na ni kitu unaweza make, think of how the big ones can pull out more powerful sneak attacks to your device.

Keep your devices up to date with the latest updates. This ensures that you are not a drive by shooting victim. The security Ninjas have zero day exploits (security bugs unknown to vendors), if someone bombs you with such an exploit, you are a VIP to them.

Hizi ndio vitu zilifanya boy wangu anto ashikwe!

Huonangi kwa movie wanakanyaga simu kama wanajua wanakua traced? :D:D:D

its impossible.Hapo no one can track you until you switch on your phone again (not unless the NSA is looking for you and prior to that they must have infected your phone with a Trojan,i hear its expensive shit, you shouldn’t be worried unless you are very high in the Interpol wanted list)

That works even with Kabambe phones however, how will safaricom or a mobile service provider track you if your gps or mobile data is on? That is the question am asking na haujibu

Leta hekaya tafasari

how do you undo it?

Najaribu but inasema “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” …shida inaweza kuwa nn

na safcom app.
Unashake ndio upate free bundles wanakuNASA

So-called ‘location services’ running in the background.

Wewe hukuona hii mambo ya NSA juzi?

How did that pan out by the way?

The question is HOW will they do that? Can you describe please because kuna vile nimeshindwa kuelewa hii point ya data on and gps

bado wako tu na issues.