Safaricom puts 5G plans on hold... and so should you!

Safaricom has confirmed it has no plans for launching 5G network in Kenya for the foreseeable future despite the hardware being ready. Apparently, the US has dissuaded Kenya (and Safaricom for that matter) from using Huawei equipment in exchange for a trade deal.

So if you are planning to buy a 5G phone I advise that you put your plans on hold - just like Safaricom. If you are in the market for a phone - buy phones with the following chipsets.

Snapdragon: 8 series - max should be SD 855
Snapdragon 7 series - Max should be SD 732G
Snapdragon 6 series - Max should be SD 675
Mediatek - Avoid all Dimensity chipsets
Samsung- Avoid Exynos 880, 980, 990 and 1080
Huawei - Avoid 820-5G and above for 8 series, and 990-5g and above for 9 series.
Apple - Well in this case iPhones tend to get support for even 6 years and offer a wide band coverage but still I’d stay away from 5G iPhones.

I know many of you will want to go against the advice of @Nyamgondho wuod Ombare but don’t be surprised when your 5G phone does not connect to Safaricom’s 5G once it launches. I once bought a 4G phone before 4G was launched in Kenya and needless to say only band 3 could connect to the phone when the network launched. Don’t go down the same path. Also why buy a 5G phone yet it may take 3 years before you get to use the tech, and by the time 5G launches you’ll need to change the phone anyway.?

New 4G phones are likely to have better battery life and better technology over time (compared to some current 5G phones). Snapdragon 855 is no slouch and btw new phones with this chipset might continue getting launched.

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