Safaricom puts 5G plans on hold... and so should you!

Kiasi muanze kurushiana dentures hapa, dust flying everywhere…old beefs

These Providers should simply maximize on 3G and 4G first. No need of rushing products. Speeds za 4G in Kenya are Nothing worth writing about…

5G is just one of the factors of purchasing a phone .let people buy what they want, be it a phone with SD 865,SD 888 etc

We are not going to subscribe to cancer causing 5G netwaka.
We are not going to take Corona vaccine

I want all the cancers I can get. Huawei ones are the best.

phuck bill gates and george soros

True. Buy what you want. My advice is don’t do it with erroneous expectations. Ukitaka kununua even a golden iphone… It is up to you. Nunua

Check on business daily africa website. Ama utafute the EastAfrican Standard.

I remember when I highlighted the fact that if Vodafone had stopped using Huawei in the UK, the same would apply to Vodacom and Safaricom in Africa but China sycophants were crowing left right and center about how wrong I was.
In the end, Huawei MIGHT play a minor role in the 5G network in providing network gear, but it seems we are going back to our original core systems provider which was Ericsson way back in the 2000s.
Nokia has a relationship with Airtel, perhaps they will play a major role this time around.