RWNBP 2017

Happy new year talkers… babuon atatoboa kweli?


He he he…
isn’t it too early?

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Hawes make

OTP = One Term President Belie dat



This hate towards each other is bad . I’m for peaceful way of resolving problems not killing . @Jirani I don’t support the intended action of that guy hapo chini…



Wooooi Baba… Instead of ushering the new year they are thinking of how he never make it.

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There will be nothing like post election violence. Majamaa wa streets wanahitaji teargas tu, na najua io kina uhunye wako na stock hadi ya 2030, na lorry zko sette. If there’s peace in Rift Valley then there’s peace in Kenya.


Well I support him. Hawa watu need 2b dealt with

But for how long will kenyans suffer because they are radicalized that raila is bad yet he has never done anything bad for them? He speaks his heart out and does what opposition leaders all over the world does i.e keeping the govt on toes,then you hear people asking what alshabab thinks when they fight Christians. You are no different both of you hate for the wrong reason. Am shiny eyed but not a sycophant


And that’s why you have been earning my bonga points respect all the time. I’m luhya but support baba who is luo. He has never done anyone wrong just people criminalize him over something that is imaginary…



The retort is, what have you achieved for you and your family since Uhuru has been President? Have your fortunes changed for you and your family? Money knows not tribe nor color.

You know what the retort would be to RWNBP? You will never be billionaires like Uhuru or RAO (who have each other on speed dial). Keep fighting a fleeting war. The jokes’ on you fools. :smiley:


It would be so easy if you could just sell us the good things JaKuon has done. I can name so many daft deeds and utterances, starting with August 1 1982.

Lakini haidhuru, you are not the first shiny eye to get blinded by emotion (and a vague surrogate guilt) and sing JaKuon’s shifting choruses. Tony Gachoka and Wambugu Ngunjiri preceded you.


Welder once won the elections but he chose violence instead of advocacy and diplomacy as a way for him to get atleast nusu chapo. It was all about power than we kenyans, absolutely no servant leadership. People from GEMA got badly harrased in opposition strongholds, is that how to treat others? Look at GEMA area esp frm kirinyaga to meru, did they kill the dim eyes amongst them? Damn, they proved to be more mature. For that reason I cant vote for welder again.


I should have asked long ago but what does RWNBP mean?

Just like @Nattydread I too would like to know Baba’s development record. What good has he done for the country? How his leadership over the years has improved lives.


One does not simply oust a sitting president. No sir, not in kenya. He has already won regardless of what the election results will be. That swearing in is going to be done hata kama ni midnight. Expect no miracles and you will have a stress free 2017… politically.