RWNBP 2017

Typical KTalk spontaneous creation: Raila Will Never Be President. The term was repeatedly used by @FieldMarshal CouchP

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@Abba @jaymoh EXAMPLE

[SIZE=6]PROFILE-Kenya’s Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta[/SIZE]

  • Position: Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

  • Birthdate: October 26, 1961

  • Date Appointed: January 2009 – Kenyatta has overseen unprecedented spending on infrastructure. In his budget speech for the fiscal year ending in June, the finance minister allocated 182 billion shillings, or 18 percent of the government’s spending plan, for road, railway and energy projects.

– He has tried to implement some measure of austerity at the Treasury with limited success. He suggested that ministers and high ranking officials downgrade to vehicles with lower engine capacities and mooted the idea that parliamentarians should pay tax.

PLUS if I remember correctly it was during his time as finance minister that tax for importing motorcycles was dropped. Enabling millions of MEN to get into self employment.



So you mean to tell me the democracy people enjoy he played no role in it , hata despite being put in jail?

I look at some of the people who are leaders including our president now and i can categorically state that no one has gone through shit like what he did for the country to earn democracy.
So to answer you ,yes he participated in developing democracy . Let’s start with that before we narrow down to his leadership/development record[/SIZE]



Fucking piece of shit…wide nosed stinky maafucka…Rot in hell…

Lost people in 2008 but God never sleeps…

Hysterical New Year?

Some Kenyans are just stupid . People are drumming war-blood to pour. Can’t put up with childishly comments brewing here . Can’t people reason logically without involving gushing of rbc and platelets on any election year?[SIZE=16px]Stupid jinga sana sana. It’s a new year and I thought utoto iliachwa last year …silly


See he has ZERO developmental initiatives that majority of the voting population can identify with.

It all a selfish agenda.

I beg. Why should the entire country be indebted to only him? How many Kenyans were put in jail for fighting for independence/democracy? What makes him more special?

Someone who lives in the past is retrogressive. All he talks about is dead people and what happened in the eighties. I do not identify and I bet millions of other Kenyans don’t too.

Even in our personal lives we let go of the past to move forward.


JAKOM (Chairman): He who sets yhe country’s agenda. Hata mpaka a whole thread was put up just for him, not even by an ODM/CORD/NASA follower.


Presidency Be Never With Raila

And Because of being dim eyed, they never see that

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Na Mudavadi atakuwa president kweli?


Jazzman kuna wakili hapo juu amenirushia makombora. Si unajua mimi sio wakili bali mlinda mazingira… nijibie yeye meanwhile there are small bedbugs I’m dealing with on other threads . You deal with this big one on top let me deal with the small little ones …:D:D

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Another turkey bites the dust…

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Nakumbuka siku fulani hapa ile time watu walishinda wakisema hakuna kitu jakom amesaidia nayo Kenya. Then sisi majamaa wa CORD tukaanza kurubbish kila mtu kutoka Jomo Kenyatta to JM Kariuki!

Ile njaro Jakom alianza kuwa recognized ilifanya nikacheka hapa vibaya, especially when not a single thing could be attributed to Matiba. So, keep talking, tunawaangalia kutoka mbali.

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Sasa wewe omundu you are posting the right quote on a wrong string. Why can’t you reply huyo wakili hapo juu…ama tunamwogopa…:slight_smile:

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Just airing random thoughts not directed at anyone. It is still early on in the year to start throwing punches. Lemme sip on my whiskey polepole nikifanya observation tu. Kunzia hiyo wiki ingine itakuwa uchawi tupu mpaka election. Siku njema sir!

Nawe pia papa

wasee mna argue nini hapa? The person to beat this year is Mudavadi. case closed.

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hehehehe, kuna mtu alisema ati Mudavadi can’t help but put his bucket under every leaking pipe! hiyo ilikuwa sweep of the year.

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